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Oracle Warehouse Builder Training Resources

This page lists the training resources available for the recent releases of Warehouse Buider. Oracle By Example (OBEs) are available at no cost. Instructor-led courses and other materials are available for purchase through Oracle University.

Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 2
 New Features eStudy
 Oracle By Example: Improved Usability and Productivity, Flat Files and Cobol CopybooksUsing Transformations,   Working with Pluggable Mappings 
Oracle University instructor-led course: Data Integration and ETL with Oracle Warehouse Builder
       - Click here to sign up for all 5 days of this course.Or enroll in Part I and optionally take Part II at a later date.
       -   Part I is a 3-day course and focuses on basic ETL functionality; i.e, OWB functionality included in Oracle Database licenses.
       -   Part II is a  2-day course and focuses on OWB functionality included in the Enterprise ETL/ODI EE license.
Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g Release 1
 New Features eStudy
 Oracle By Example 
Oracle University instructor-led courses:
       - See the courses for Warehouse Builder 10g Release 2.
       - Other than the differences indicated in the New Features eStudy, OWB 11g Release 1 contains the same functionality as Warehouse Builder 10g Release 2.
Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g Release 2
Oracle University instructor-led courses:
       - Implementation Class - Part I
       - Implementation Class - Part II
       - Administration
Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g Release 1  
 Oracle By Example
 Self-Service Education
Oracle9i Warehouse Builder 
Online Courses: Cleansing Data, Scripting
Search for other courses available at Oracle University

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