Oracle Spatial Utility and Plugin ダウンロード
Cytoscape Plugin 1-Dec-2004

This is a plugin for the cytoscape program ( The plugin enables a read/write interface between the Oracle database and the cytoscape program. In addition, it also enables some network analysis functions from cytoscape. The README.txt file within the zipfile has instructions for installing and using this plugin.

Note: This software has been moved to the Semantic Technologies section of OTN.

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Oracle Locator & Oracle Spatial
  Oracle Locator is a database feature for Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition, and is included in the database download.

Oracle Spatial is a database option for Enterprise Edition, and is included in the database download.

Updated With release 10 g, Oracle Spatial includes a geocoding engine. Sample data in the format supporting the 10 g geocoding feature is now available from NAVTEQ. (San Francisco & Washington, DC datasets are available.)
 Download the NAVTEQ sample data
Oracle Application Server MapViewer
  Click here for Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer software.
World Sample NAVTEQ Data Bundle 31-January-2007 New

This bundle includes:

  1. README file
  2. world_sample.dmp (Datapump dumpfile for the sample data)
  3. load_sample_data.sql (script to load the data into the target DB)
  4. ln_sample_data.sql (script to remove the sample data from the DB)
  5. worldmaps.jspx (a sample jspx script application to view the map)
  6. mcsdefinition.sql (Map Cache Server metadata setup script)


  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Britain (GBR)
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States
 Download the Data Bundle
Oracle 3D Geometry to KMZ Converter Demo Updated 16-April-2008
  This demo script converts 3D buildings with textures stored in Oracle schema to KML/KMZ files to be viewed using Google Earth.
 Download the Demo .
  The data to run the Spatial 3D Demo can be obtained from Tele Atlas at:
 Tele Atlas: 3D Building Sample Data .
Oracle Java Shapefile Converter Updated 15-May-2008
  Oracle's Shapefile Converter converts ESRI Shapefiles to and loads them into Oracle tables, including an SDO_GEOMETRY column. This converter works with Oracle 10g and higher.
 The Oracle Java Shapefile Converter is available in Oracle Database 10gR1 or higher.
Oracle Shapefile Converter Updated 25-May-2004
  Oracle's Shapefile Converter—Converts ESRI Shapefiles to Oracle SQL*Loader format for loading Oracle Spatial tables from shapefiles.

The readme file includes usage information.
 Download the kit for NT, Solaris, and Linux .
Oracle Spatial Java Class Library Updated 15-May-2008

The Oracle Spatial Java Library enables applications written in Java to access and process geometry objects managed in Oracle Database with Oracle Spatial.  The library's geometry interface hierarchy extends the OpenGIS Consortium simple feature geometry model by handling nonlinear as well as linear geometry objects.

 The Oracle Spatial Java Class Library is available in Oracle Database 10gR1 or higher.