Siebel Wireless

Extend Complete CRM Functionality to Field Workers

Siebel Wireless provides instant access to live Siebel CRM Data with widest reach to mobile clients through mobile browsers. Users of mobile devices such as PocketPC Phones, and SmartPhones can leverage Siebel Wireless to access CRM application functionality and data wherever there is cell network coverage.

  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
  • Siebel CRM Technology
Stay Connected:
  • Provide access to CRM Application Functionality and Data from a wide - variety of mobile devices that has embedded mobile browsers
  • Low setup and configuration overhead - simply enable an application component and Siebel Wireless is up and running
  • Uses no local database - zero client footprint
  • Supports both HTML/xHTML and WML
  • Supports secure access through VPN
  • Siebel 8.0 delivers a new two-column UI that greatly enhances usability over previous Siebel Wireless versions
Oracle 1-800-273-9913
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