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Container Instances

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Instances is a serverless compute service that enables you to instantly run containers without managing any servers.

Run containers without managing any servers (2:02)

OCI Container Instances lets you easily run applications on serverless compute optimized for containers.

Using Container Instances, you can easily launch one or more containers with the flexibility to specify compute shape, resource allocation, networking, and other optional configurations. Container Instances runs in a dedicated environment with strong isolation for improved security. You pay the same price for the CPU and memory resources as you would for OCI Compute instances for the chosen shape, making Container Instances the best value option for running containers in the cloud.

Container Instances is suitable for containerized workloads that don’t require a container orchestration platform such as Kubernetes; these include APIs, web apps, CI/CD jobs, automation tasks, data/media processing, DevTest environments, and more. For running your containerized apps on Kubernetes without managing infrastructure, see OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE).

With OCI Container Instances we do not have to deal with the hassles of installing, provisioning, or managing infrastructure. We simply run our Terraform code and the service automatically builds and runs our app on secure infrastructure optimized for containers.

Fernando Vasquez Grupo Restaurantero Gigante, Cloud Administrator and Senior DBA

DECEMBER 6, 2022

Announcing the availability of Container Instances

Rishikesh Palve, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

We’re excited to announce the availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Instances, a serverless compute service that enables you to instantly run containers without managing any servers.

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