Healthcare Cloud Infrastructure

Effective healthcare outcomes are easier to obtain when providers are able to collaborate and gain insights across systems, data, and application siloes. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built to run every healthcare workload, from legacy application systems to data-science driven and modern machine-learning enabled services, to deliver more informed care choices, predict patient risk factors, and deliver a better, patient-focused healthcare experience.

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Delivering quality care

Enterprises are focused on patient experience more than ever before as healthcare delivery ecosystems become more competitive with new reimbursement models being adopted. Organizations are trying to capture and analyze data holistically from disparate sources in order to provide a predictive, preventive, personalized, and participative patient experience.

Deliver coordinated care programs

Value-based care models have made population health management a top focus for healthcare and insurance providers so they can deliver quality care at less cost. Population health management programs improve the outcome of patient care while controlling costs by means of stratifying patients via risk profile and by designing holistic coordinated care programs for a targeted group of patients. In either scenario, actionable and aggregated data is paramount to delivering data-driven, holistic, and coordinated patient care programs.

Safeguarding healthcare standards

Providing the best care within the guidelines provided by our medical societies, healthcare leadership, and regulating bodies means the most modern techniques and standards of care are being implemented. It also ensures providers are prescribing according to state guidelines and that the system is being utilized effectively. Analyzing data from a variety of sources ensures mistakes in records or testing patterns are corrected, and prescribers are educated. If trends are found, they get further scrutinized for better and safer care for patients.

Health insurance analytics

Explore how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data lakehouse can help improve claim management, customer experience, and fraud prevention by capturing, managing, and analyzing data across varied structured and unstructured data sources.

Prosperdtx makes personalized healthcare plans

Learn how Prosperdtx ingests very large third-party data sets, builds analytical models directly on top of the data warehouse, and rapidly prototypes consumer applications with low-code application development services.

Improve performance and cut costs for your most important applications

Reach patients with self-service applications

Rapidly build and prototype new minimum viable product applications. Easily leverage integrations into your datasets, data models, and analyses. Respond to rapidly changing research, outcomes, and environmental conditions by collaborating with institutions, connecting departments, and reaching patients in ways you never thought possible.

MVP Apps with Apex

Gain deeper patient insights through data science

Ingest and consolidate data across your enterprise and third-party integrations. Leverage autonomous systems that allow you to focus on developing important models and algorithms to gain critical connections and insights.

Build Machine Learning Models

Run EHR and other applications in the cloud through VMware

Migrate your applications without rearchitecting or sacrificing control and visibility. Many third-party applications, such as Epic and Cerner, run seamlessly on OCI with our Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Explore Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Secure your data and protect patient privacy

Oracle Cloud services regularly undergo independent third-party audits, including ISO 27000 series, SOC, HDS, HIPAA, and HITRUST. Their certificates, attestations, and audit reports provide assurance that appropriate security and privacy controls have been implemented.

Explore HIPAA Regions and Services
Explore Global Compliance

“Using Oracle Cloud speeds up the process of inference. With feedback in less than 20 seconds, it’s close to real time for patients.”

Moi Hoon Yap

Reader in Computer Vision, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Manchester University’s app provides near real-time feedback to patients to reduce clinic visits by an expected 50%
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Prosperdtx identifies patient characteristics, treatment steps, and medications for patients with COVID-19

Informed decision-making with healthcare analytics on OCI

Dr. Sarah Matt, Vice President, Healthcare Markets, Oracle Health
Andrew Truscott, Global Health Technology Lead, Accenture

Traditional healthcare data is siloed, incomplete, and untapped, and organizations aren’t able to fully realize its value. A data lakehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps you get the most out of your data by enabling you to securely store, aggregate, transform, and analyze data, learn from it, and use it predictively. A lakehouse pattern addresses a variety of healthcare use cases that help improve the patient experience, optimize operational and financial efficiencies, and streamline supply chains.

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