Global Trade Management

Centrally manage business processes related to cross-border trade with Oracle’s global compliance solution. Companies of all sizes gain unparalleled visibility and control over orders and shipments and ensure adherence to trade regulations.

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Centralize regulatory compliance

Automate global trade operations and compliance, reducing operational risk by defining and enforcing global trade regulations and corporate policies.

Screen for restricted parties

Reduce noncompliance risk and financial penalties by screening business transactions for restricted parties, sanctions, and embargos.

Accurately estimate total landed costs

Gain financial visibility into your extended supply chain costs including transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes.

Track customs documents

Create and track documents required for clearing customs and automate procedures to increase accuracy and reduce fines and penalties.

Automate customs filing procedures

Reduce fines and penalties with more accurate electronic filing and broker communication.

Effective partner and customer collaboration

Easily collaborate and share documents with your forwarders, customers, and brokers.

Capture duty savings

Identify opportunities for leveraging trade agreements, easily compare savings, create documents from supplier records, and track certificates of origin.

Collaborate with suppliers

Create campaigns to solicit information and documents from suppliers.

Identify and track trade campaigns

Collect certificates of origin and share them with customs or brokers.

Qualify shipments for free trade agreements

Analyze the bills of material for your manufactured goods to qualify them for trade agreements around the globe.

Monitor metrics against business targets

Review metrics against business targets, benchmarks, and forecasts with configurable dashboards.

Identify trends in business operations

Navigate seamlessly between historical and operational information and quickly identify positive and negative trends.

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