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Oracle Virtualization


Engineered for Open Cloud

Backed by affordable, enterprise support for Oracle and non-Oracle environments, Oracle VM reduces operations and support costs while increasing IT efficiency and agility—on premises and in the cloud.


Lower Server Spend

Reduce Cost

Utilize a modern, low-overhead hypervisor architecture to minimize infrastructure costs and obtain outstanding price/performance. Oracle VM supports virtualization for server and desktop. Simplify operations by virtualizing all your workloads and reducing the number of servers you need.


Expedite Time to Market

Accelerate Deployment

Speed up and standardize your application development and deployment process with Oracle VM templates. Use Oracle VM VirtualBox to create new applications on your desktop, and then deploy them to the cloud as part of a complete DevOps process.


Add a Layer of Defense

Increase Security

Thousands of organizations use Oracle VM to enable continuous availability, along with Ksplice for on-demand security patching. Quickly enforce security standards and apply updates without rebooting. Greater agility makes it easier to meet service level requirements and address critical compliance gaps.

Oracle Virtualization Solutions

Oracle’s server virtualization and management solutions make enterprise applications easier to develop, deploy, and support.


Reduce Business Risk

    • Maximize consistency with comprehensive server and desktop virtualization from one vendor
    • Increase ROI with an open, standards-based virtualization solution
    • Reduce downtime and improve security with live patching and production-ready templates
    • Simplify administration and troubleshooting with full-stack, enterprise grade support

Streamline Cloud Implementations

    • Develop on your desktop, deploy apps to the cloud
    • Enhance microservices and cloud-native application deployment with Docker and Containers
    • Utilize powerful template capabilities to enable infrastructure as code and DevOps processes

Construct a Solid Infrastructure

    • Gain continuous availability with on-demand security patching via Ksplice
    • Build your business on the virtualization solution that powers Oracle Public Cloud, Oracle engineered systems, and thousands of customer installations
    • Broaden your deployment options with a virtualization solution that has been tested and certified by major technology vendors
Background image for Case Study
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory logo
Optimizing Oracle VM with Oracle Database ensures a more stable environment for nuclear fusion experiments

Virtual machine templates allowed us to homogenize our server builds and allowed greater stability across our environment.

—Philip Adams, CTO and Lead Architect, National Ignition Facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Simple and Secure Virtualization for Your Data Center
Simple and Secure Virtualization for Your Data Center

Learn how you can easily download and set up your virtualization environment using open source KVM and oVirt included with Oracle Linux to increase security and simplify operations.

Deploy Apps Fast
Deploy Apps 10X Faster

Learn how to use prebuilt, preconfigured, pretested Oracle VM templates to virtualize Oracle applications, Oracle Database, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

Migrate to Oracle VM VirtualBox
Switch to Oracle VM

Transition from VMware to Oracle VM to reduce costs, gain better support, and streamline management of virtualized computing environments.

Oracle Virtualization Products

Oracle Linux

Operating systems, containers, and virtualization are the fundamental building blocks of modern IT infrastructure. Oracle combines them all into one integrated offering: Oracle Linux.

Oracle VM Server for x86

Oracle VM server goes beyond simple server consolidation to accelerate application deployment and simplify lifecycle management.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Efficient, enterprise-class virtualization capabilities in Oracle SPARC Servers—in conjunction with the Oracle Solaris operating system—allow you to create up to 128 virtual servers on one system.

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Oracle’s award winning, cross-platform virtualization software enables you to run multiple operating systems on your Mac, PC, Linux, or Oracle Solaris systems.

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