Oracle Commerce Platform—Features

Deliver Personalized and Optimized Experiences

Innovate as the market changes and expand quickly and easily to new touchpoints and geographies.

Oracle Commerce Platform




  • Scale and Performance

    • Process data and deliver dynamic experiences at unparalleled scale
    • Efficiently expand to multichannel, multisite, multibrand, multilanguage, and multicurrency environments
  • Data Anywhere Architecture

    • Accelerate integrations and minimize integration costs with a flexible architecture
  • Unified Multisite Architecture

    • Share commerce and personalization resources, including content and components, between commerce sites
  • Adaptive Personalization Engine

    • Choreograph customer interactions to drive predesigned dialogues for a personalized commerce experience
    • Personalize content to target organizations, roles, individuals or customized segments
    • Leverage dynamic customer profiles and segments, updated continuously based on new interactions
  • Best-in-Class Search and Guided Navigation

    • Provide superior search for the most relevant results through transparent relevance rank controls, thesaurus, and keyword redirection
    • Provide visitors with guided navigation that dynamically summarizes results based on available metadata
  • Advanced Segments and Targeted Content

    • Target high-value groups with select products and promotions
    • Define segments based on demographics or on-site behavior
    • Use profile attributes to quickly place customers into segments
  • Search Engine Optimization

    • Surface all dynamic commerce-created pages in web search engines
  • Reporting and Big Data Analytics

    • Monitor and analyze commerce and customer behavior with fully integrated, interactive big data analytics capabilities that provide insight into key metrics and customer activity