Oracle Servers

Customers’ on-premises enterprise workloads achieve the highest performance, security, and reliability when using Oracle’s extensive portfolio of x86 and SPARC servers. Each server is optimized to run enterprise applications, Java applications and Oracle Database workloads at peak performance. Companies reduce the number of servers they need and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with Oracle servers.

Oracle Servers
Maximize application performance with Oracle x86 servers

Learn more about new Oracle Server X9-2 and X9-2L.

Increase performance and security with Oracle SPARC servers

Learn how companies improve the performance, efficiency, and security of UNIX environments with Oracle SPARC M8 and T8 servers.

The Oracle Server difference

  • Optimized for Oracle software

    Customers achieve breakthrough performance, cost efficiencies, and security for business-critical workloads with Oracle servers. Customers also increase uptime for Oracle applications by running them on any Oracle server and Java applications run 2X faster on Oracle SPARC servers using unique, built-in accelerators.1

  • Integrated, end-to-end security

    Oracle servers mitigate security threats against customers’ data and applications without compromising performance. Built-in encryption, application memory protection, and advanced security features protect customer databases and applications data throughout its lifecycle. Trusted boot capability on Oracle x86 servers protects companies from malware and undetected intrusions.

  • Maximum availability

    Oracle servers maximize uptime for all customer databases and applications. Built-in redundancy and partitioning improve system availability while reducing deployment risks. Organizations reduce downtime with Oracle servers’ real-time monitoring, fault management architecture, and hot-swap components that require zero downtime for upgrades or repairs.

  • Lower cost and better value

    Customers reduce capital expenses and management costs by consolidating enterprise workloads on fewer systems with high-performance Oracle servers. Organizations’ total cost of ownership is lower because operating system and virtualization software are incorporated at no extra charge. Oracle Premier Support for systems includes Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, simplifying administrative workloads and reducing expenses.

Oracle servers

Optimized performance, availability, and security

Oracle’s x86 servers are designed and manufactured to run enterprise applications and virtual environments with maximum availability. Scale-out and scale-up configurations are optimized to securely run Oracle and third-party software with high performance.

  • The latest Intel® Xeon® processors run applications fast
  • Redundant, hot-swappable hardware increases server availability
  • Advanced reliability features and rigorous testing reduce Oracle application downtime
  • Trusted boot Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) protects customer applications from malicious firmware
  • Built-in hardware, software, and firmware security reduces threats to crucial applications and data
  • 16-core entry-level servers to high-end servers with 192 cores meet company requirements for scale-out and scale-up solutions

High-end UNIX application performance and availability

Oracle SPARC M8-8 servers deliver exceptional performance, consolidation efficiency, and uptime for customer’s business-critical UNIX and Java applications. Reduce deployment and operational risks with guaranteed SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility and unique security capabilities in SPARC M8-8 servers.

  • Data-analytics accelerators run enterprise and Java streams applications up to 2x faster
  • Oracle Number accelerators run Oracle Database and applications faster
  • Full redundancy and physical partitioning increase system and application uptime
  • The Oracle Solaris Binary Compatibility Guarantee insures existing applications run unchanged on new SPARC systems
  • Silicon Secured Memory protect against common security attacks
  • Cryptographic accelerators in every core increase data security
  • 4X scalability with up to 256 cores and 8 TB of memory improves UNIX application consolidation efficiency

Midrange and scale-out UNIX servers

SPARC T8 and S7 servers reduce the cost of modernizing customer data centers with scale-out UNIX capabilities that include extensive software at no additional cost. Customers achieve exceptional enterprise application performance with built-in acceleration of Java applications and Oracle Database with a low TCO.

  • Record per-core critical Java performance runs customer applications faster
  • Up to 128 cores and 4 TB of memory in SPARC T8 systems for departmental consolidation of UNIX applications
  • SPARC S7 servers with 8 to 16 cores and up to 1 TB of memory support scale-out UNIX environments
  • Built-in, no-cost virtualization reduces customer UNIX consolidation costs
  • The Oracle Solaris Binary Guarantee ensures that current applications will run on future SPARC systems

Modular computing for demanding enterprise workloads

Scale on-premises UNIX infrastructure with Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers’ modular architecture and run enterprise workloads with high performance, reliability, and availability.

  • High per-core performance increases application speed
  • Flexible 16X scaling meets virtually any level of demand
  • In-silicon acceleration for Oracle and non-Oracle databases
  • Capacity-on-demand scaling enables customers to activate individual cores as needed
  • Full redundancy and memory mirroring maximize reliability for business-critical applications
  • Up to 384 cores, 32 TB of memory, and thousands of VMs to efficiently consolidate UNIX applications

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IS Nordic selects Oracle SPARC, Solaris, and Oracle Database to create a secure private cloud

Oracle server use cases

  • Reduce downtime for business-critical applications

    Improve the availability of crucial Oracle applications and databases by running them on Oracle servers with advanced reliability, availability, and serviceability capabilities.

    Learn about Oracle SPARC server RAS (PDF)

  • Improve the performance and efficiency of Oracle software

    Oracle servers are optimized to run Java and enterprise applications, as well as Oracle Databases faster and more efficiently than other servers.

    Read multiple customer stories (PDF)

  • Consolidate UNIX applications with cost-effective infrastructure

    Lower costs with Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers’ modular design, partitioning, and capacity-on-demand per-core activation.

    Read the Fujitsu SPARC report (PDF)

  • Simplify distributed and edge computing environments

    Maximize application uptime and lower costs with Oracle’s scale-out x86 and SPARC servers in distributed and edge computing environments.

    Read ESG’s analysis (PDF)

  • Protect applications and data with in-depth malware defenses

    Oracle servers running the Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux operating systems implement multiple security layers to stop hackers from accessing customer systems and spreading malware in data centers.

    Read about Oracle Solaris 11 security

April 21, 2019

More news about Oracle Solaris and SPARC Infrastructure

Renato Ribeiro, Senior Director, Oracle Solaris and SPARC

Oracle SPARC products continue to lead the industry in security, features, and performance. For instance, Oracle has demonstrated that SPARC M8, T8, and S7 systems can run encrypted database and Java workloads without performance overhead, while offering the best per-core performance for critical Java operations compared with competitors. Fujitsu SPARC products continue to advance as well, and Fujitsu offers here the latest information on their roadmap for enhancements.

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