Opower Demand Flexibility

Opower helps utilities engage customers with personalized communications that encourage shifting energy use to more affordable periods—which reduces peak load on the grid—and adopting related programs and devices.

Learn how Opower helps utilities move the metrics that matter.

Opower demand flexibility products

As electrification and extreme weather increase energy demand and strain the grid, demand flexibility that supports grid reliability and affordability is more important than ever. Opower empowers utility customers to take actions that help keep the power flowing reliably and affordably 24/7 by reducing peak load, shifting demand, and boosting the adoption of strategic programs and services.

Give customers a complete educational experience

Opower behavioral demand response delivers personalized communications to help customers reduce energy use on peak demand days, solving grid problems more affordably. Customized and timely communications contain energy insights, tips, device promotions, and prompts to help customers navigate seasonal energy shifts when preparing for peak demand days. Follow-up communications review customers’ performance and celebrate their success.

Deliver results across seasons

Opower behavioral demand response helps utilities partner with their electricity and gas customers to deliver proven energy savings across winter and summer.

Incorporate behavior-based design across all communications

Behavioral science techniques across communications inspire your customers to save energy while personalized tips guide them to make adjustments for long-term energy and money savings.

Send seasonal and targeted communications

Each behavioral demand response communication offers the ability to promote additional demand response to specific customer segments across winter and summer.

Behavioral Demand Response (BDR)

Deliver clear, concise messaging

Opower behavioral load shaping communications can help improve customers’ overall experience by educating them about their rate plan. Customers on time-of-use (TOU) rate plans will see the best times to use energy and save money.

Provide data-driven coaching

Information about high energy-usage appliances and personalized suggestions on how to avoid peak times will help customers optimize their energy savings experience.

Send consistent and timely communications

Weekly communications help customers understand their TOU rate plan and how to make adjustments for smarter energy usage.

Use an easy-to-understand design

Visually appealing graphics make it easy for your customers to see when they’re using energy and how usage at different times of the day affects their bill.

Behavioral Load Shaping (BLS)

Provide a great customer experience

The thoughtfully designed peak time rebates communication prepares your customers for upcoming peak seasons, alerts them to approaching events, and follows up with a performance review to celebrate their savings.

Deliver results across seasons

Opower peak time rebates deliver proven energy savings and increased electricity customer satisfaction during winter and summer.

Incorporate behavior-based design across all communications

Behavioral science tactics—such as incentives, individual comparisons, and shareable badges and accolades—help inspire customers to save energy. Personalized tips tell them how.

Send seasonal and targeted communications

Each peak time rebates communication offers the ability to promote additional demand response communications to specific customer segments.

peak time rebates (PTR)

Behavioral-based design for a better customer experience

Opower home energy reports are designed to help increase program engagement and customers’ energy and bill savings. Each report displays personalized insights, tips, and recommendations for optimizing energy savings. Both paper and digital home energy reports help boost utility customer satisfaction.

Energy savings results

Opower home energy reports are proven to drive both efficiency and peak energy savings. Customers receiving the communications tend to save about 1.5X more energy during peak hours than during nonpeak hours.

Peak education modules

Peak-specific modules embedded in home energy reports complement Opower’s behavioral load shaping messages and provide details on time-of-use rates and personalized tips on how to save energy during peak periods.

Like with Opower peak time rebates communications, each home energy reports communication offers the ability to promote additional devices and programs to specific customer segments.

Home Energy Reports (HERs)
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Opower demand flexibility benefits

01Reduce peak load

Achieve consistent and reliable peak time results across seasons, and give customers long-term energy and bill savings.

02Shift load to low-price, non-greenhouse gas-intensive times

Opower creates measurable load-shifting benefits through comprehensive TOU rate education and coaching communications.

03Reshape load to match specific generation curve

Send personalized communications and tools that encourage customers to take the most-needed actions and increase smart device adoption and program enrollment.

04Contribute to carbon reduction goals

Simplify operations and the cost to serve your customers by using the Opower core capabilities required to run successful demand flexibility initiatives.

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