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Enter a new era of productivity with generative AI capabilities built for business. Innovate with your choice of open source or proprietary large language models (LLMs). Leverage AI embedded as you need it across the full stack—apps, infrastructure, and more.

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“Customer experience is the biggest cost center in any organization. With dozens of support engineers answering hundreds of chats per day, being able to automate time-consuming activities using generative AI, like summarizing support tickets, means our support engineers can instead spend those thousands of hours per year focused on increasing customer satisfaction and reducing time to results.”

Urvashi Sheth
Chief Customer Officer, Intermedia

“In line with one of our values—innovation—we encourage Singlifers to come up with innovative solutions to everyday business problems using emerging technologies like generative artificial intelligence. Singlife collaborated with Oracle and OCI to develop proof of concepts for our internal competition, the #BetterIdea Challenge. These solutions cut across different domains, ranging from chatbot and document analysis to AI-assisted recommendations.”

Varun Mittal
Head of Innovation and Ecosystem, Singlife

Tools and services for generative AI

Use cases for generative AI

Financial services

Using LLMs, financial firms can analyze news to refine investments, compose reports and summaries from financial data, generate explanations, perform risk analysis, and detect fraudulent activity.


Create new job descriptions, screen candidates, personalize the onboarding and employee experience, generate customized career plans, and assist with performance evaluations.


Improve customer service with advanced conversational chatbots, write product descriptions, and automate personalized messages and rewards.


Gather market analyses, automate blog writing, draft video scripts, generate logos and branded content, and get customer churn predictions.


Add validated company profiles, create customer profile analyses, automate answers to information requests, and produce personalized training modules.

Software development

Generate code drafts, perform code correction and refactoring, create multiple IT architecture designs and iterate on them, and generate test cases and data.


Automate administrative tasks, improve communication speed by generating doctor discharge notes, and create personalized treatment plans.

Customer support

Automate case summarization and provide instantaneous, accurate answers with conversational chatbots enhanced with retrieval capabilities.

January 23, 2024

The future of generative AI: What enterprises need to know

Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The advent of powerful cloud infrastructures combined with advanced GPUs has enabled us to push the boundaries of technology with AI. Over the last year, generative AI models trained and retrained on huge amounts of data from the internet have astounded us with their capabilities. Now, we’re watching generative AI create text, generate SQL queries, write code, create artwork, and assist in product support—all of which seemed impossible just a few years ago. These feats have captured the imagination of enterprise executives who see immense potential to improve productivity and revenue with generative AI.

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