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Generative AI

Build smarter and faster. Scale your business with large language models (LLMs). A new era of productivity has arrived with generative AI.

Tools and services for generative AI

Generative AI partners

Use cases for generative AI

Financial services

Analyze large volumes of financial documents, support research and development activities, and generate data to aid fraud detection.


Create new job descriptions, personalize the employee experience, generate customized career plans, and aid performance evaluations.


Improve customer service with advanced chatbots, write product descriptions, and automate customized messages and rewards within seconds.


Gather market analyses, create blog topics, draft video scripts, generate logos and branded content, and get customer churn predictions.


Add validated company profiles, create customer profile analyses, automate answers to information requests, and produce personalized training modules.

Software development

Generate code drafts, perform code correction and refactoring, create multiple IT architecture designs and iterate upon them, and generate test cases and data.


Automate administrative tasks, improve communication speed by generating doctor discharge notes, and create personalized treatment plans.

Customer support

Automate case summarization and provide instantaneous, accurate answers with chatbots enhanced with retrieval capabilities.

July 7, 2023

Oracle's generative AI strategy

Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

AI is fundamentally changing the way that we interact with the world. This presents opportunities as well as challenges for organizations that want to take advantage of new AI technologies. Generative AI models combine the ability to assimilate knowledge from many sources and use it to automate tasks and enhance human creativity and productivity.

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  • Introduction to OCI Anomaly Detection

    In just a few steps, build a machine learning model to detect anomalies in production with OCI Anomaly Detection.

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    Explore OCI Language and perform NLP tasks such as detecting languages, extracting key elements, classifying intent, and detecting sentiment in the text with a few simple steps.

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    Explore how to work with multiple chatbots and digital assistants in Oracle Digital Assistant.

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    • Understand and describe AI concepts and workloads
    • Explain the key concepts and terminology of machine learning
    • Explain the key concepts and terminology of deep learning
    • Identify common types of machine learning
    • Understand the fundamentals of generative AI
    • Understand large language model concepts
    • Explain prompt engineering and fine-tuning for large language models
    • Describe Oracle AI infrastructure
    • Describe Oracle AI services

Artificial intelligence case studies

Children’s Medical Research Institute

This Australian research institute embraces OCI Data Science to unlock flexibility and scalability, discover new insights, and perform analysis faster.

SS Global

SS Global, an innovative transportation logistics company, created an IoT application that monitors tire and vehicle conditions via a variety of sensors. They chose OCI Anomaly Detection to identify anomalies in vehicles, such as tire baldness or air leaks, which generate alerts to help prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

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