EU Sovereign Cloud

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud enables commercial and public sector organizations to place sensitive data and applications in the cloud in alignment with EU data privacy and sovereignty requirements.

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“We needed to upgrade to our existing on-premises hospital information system (HIS) to enrich the healthcare experience of our patients. The choice of Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud was a clear decision, giving us the flexibility and agility of the cloud coupled with a cloud within the European Union to provide data and infrastructure security for the healthcare data of our patients.”

Piotr Rajski CTO of NU-MED, a leading oncological care provider in Poland, serving 50,000 patients annually through its network of specialized hospitals and centers
The image shows a map of the EU and highlights the locations of the legal entities based in Ireland, Spain, Germany, Romania, and the Czech Republic that operate the two data centers in Frankfurt and Madrid (also marked).

Organizational controls

Oracle offers unique proven technical features based on real-world experiences

Regions are operated by EU-based legal entities that own the hardware and data center leases and provide the operations and support.

The isolation of the EU Sovereign Cloud realm allows Oracle to restrict support and operations, including physical and logical access to the realm, to EU residents employed by EU legal entities.

The EU-based legal entities are backed by a governance committee to ensure integrity and alignment with current and future regulations.

Two sets of regions are separated by a solid black line, illustrating the physical, logical, and cryptographical separation between EU Sovereign Cloud realms and the other Oracle Cloud public commercial regions.

Technical controls

Oracle offers unique proven technical features based on real-world experiences

New cloud regions form a separate realm to ensure physical, logical, and cryptographical segregation from other regions, and access is granted exclusively to EU legal entity teams for deployment, operation, and security. EU data residency is intrinsic to the platform.

A full stack of cybersecurity solutions on top of the EU Sovereign Cloud realm offers customizable controls to align with audit and compliance requirements. Enhanced encryption and key management options fortify data protection and confidentiality.

Disaster recovery capabilities within the EU Sovereign Cloud realm ensure localized resilience, with each region featuring three fault domains for hardware distribution. This setup enhances reliability and minimizes potential disruptions, bolstering business continuity for customers.

Contractual controls
Three overlapping pages that represent the specific agreements and addendums that EU Sovereign Cloud customers sign.

Contractual controls

EU Sovereign Cloud is supported by specific agreements, such as the data processing agreement, the service description, and a dedicated addendum to the service pillar document.

The contracts outline responsibilities for handling personal information, third-party subprocessors, confidentiality, and security measures. The contracts are designed to help address the requirement that your content will not leave the selected EU Sovereign Cloud region(s) without your authorization or instruction and aim to reduce the risk of unauthorized access by entities or individuals outside of the EU Sovereign Cloud organizations.

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud features

    • 100+ OCI services

      EU Sovereign Cloud offers more than 100 cloud services available in OCI so enterprises can run all their workloads the same way they can on OCI. There is no need to accept missing cloud services and fewer cloud capabilities to implement a digital sovereignty strategy.

      Oracle Cloud Applications

      Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications will be available in EU Sovereign Cloud soon.

    • No added costs for sovereignty

      Customers can leverage the power of OCI services in Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud at the same pricing as Oracle commercial cloud regions. In addition, customers can bring over existing agreements, such as Universal Credits and Support Rewards, from Oracle’s other cloud regions.
    • The same financially backed SLAs

      Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud offers the same financially backed SLAs as Oracle’s other cloud regions. Mission-critical workloads demand more than just availability from cloud providers. They also require consistent performance and the ability to manage, monitor, and modify resources at any time. Only Oracle offers end-to-end SLAs covering the performance, availability, and manageability of services.
    • Physically separate

      The EU Sovereign Cloud realm shares no infrastructure with Oracle’s commercial and government regions and has no network connection to Oracle’s other cloud regions.

      Operated separately

      This architecture enables Oracle to carry out customer support and cloud operations using only employees of new EU-based legal entities.
    • Control with less operational overhead

      With a separated cloud realm, customer sovereign cloud deployments can be faster with lower risks of misconfigurations since data residency and EU containment are intrinsic to the cloud architecture. Many other cloud providers rely on complex customer-controlled policies to enforce data residency within their commercial cloud regions.
    • Hold your own keys

      To help customers further secure their data and meet EU data sovereignty requirements, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud offers access to the new OCI External Key Management and Dedicated Key Management services. Customers’ encryption keys can be created and managed externally to OCI or in a dedicated hardware security module (HSM).
    • Operated within the EU

      Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud data centers are operated by EU-based legal entities created to own the hardware, assets, and data center leases and to support customers using these regions. The EU-based legal entities are established by Oracle to operate EU Sovereign Cloud and have separate governance policies to operate according to EU data privacy and sovereignty requirements.
    • Support and operations within the EU

      Customer support and data center operations are handled within the borders of the EU by EU-resident personnel who are employed by EU-incorporated legal entities. Support and operations processes are separate from Oracle’s global cloud operations.
    • EU and global compliance

      Oracle Cloud aligns with global compliance programs, such as SOC 1, 2, and 3; ISO 27001, 27017, 27018; PCI; and CSA STAR, and regional and industry regulations and programs, such as GDPR, C5, IT-Grundshutz, AgID, EU CoC, and EBA. In addition, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud aligns with guidance that limits data transfers (such as the Court of Justice of the EU Schrems II ruling and European Data Protection Board guidelines) and monitoring regulations (such as NIS 2). We will extend these as Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud regions become generally available.

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EU Sovereign Cloud

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