Tramontina speeds data flow across its business with Oracle

Cookware manufacturer streamlines to deliver higher customer satisfaction with Oracle Cloud ERP, SCM, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Oracle Order Management increased our drop-ship efficiency, making us a trusted partner to fulfill perfect orders for retailers and consumers.

Marcelo de MatheusChief Information Officer, Tramontina USA

Business challenges

Tramontina USA is the distributor of Tramontina houseware products, which are not only functional but represent a high level of quality, craftsmanship, and value for retailers and consumers. As a company with global manufacturing capabilities, Tramontina is uniquely positioned to fill customers’ orders for a wide range of cookware, cutlery, kitchen accessories, and more. Since 1986, the company has steadily invested in staff, facilities, equipment, and technology to develop an infrastructure that delivers superior responsiveness to the demands of an ever-changing retail marketplace.

With evolving needs of customers, Tramontina USA was struggling to keep up with demand using its heavily customized and disconnected Oracle E-Business Suite. The company struggled with managing demand and supply planning, making it difficult to forecast orders from retailers and alert suppliers in advance. Manually processing invoices and managing spreadsheets kept the finance team from focusing on more strategic goals. Tramontina’s slow legacy infrastructure also made it difficult to quickly process loads of incoming orders in an effective way. The business realized it needed to become a better partner to retailers to build trust and loyalty. To do so, Tramontina decided to invest in an end-to-end solution that would enable data to flow easily through the many parts of the business. Also, it wanted to have enough power to process a large volume of orders to keep the business running consistently.

Why Tramontina USA Chose Oracle

In an effort to better serve its customers, Tramontina USA chose Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Oracle Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to process orders more quickly and enable data to flow effortlessly through the business.



Once implemented, the Tramontina USA team found that Oracle Cloud not only improved supply chain and financial processes, but set it up for continued success for years to come. Moving from an ebusiness suite to Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM, Tramontina eliminated customizations. The company went from user-centric to process-centric, with minimal configurations. Oracle's applications are easy to use, and enable data to flow efficiently from supply chain to finance. With enhanced demand planning capabilities, Tramontina can now plan and prepare months ahead for potential orders from retailers.

Manual tasks like processing invoices became automated, resulting in higher performance from team members who now have time to focus on more strategic tasks. Finance went from closing the books in almost three days to just less than one day. Customizations were eliminated throughout the business, allowing Tramontina to go from 200 to only 40 key reports. The company found that integrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure boosted response times and quickened its ability to processes transactions from large retailers and customers, uploading 1,500 orders per hour and processing 500,000 messages that flow through the system every month. Tramontina is now prepared to absorb demand seamlessly.

By adopting Oracle Order Management, Tramontina was able to capture and process a large volume of orders coming from retailers. Oracle Order Management captures customer data and order information, then orchestrates order fulfillment and shipping for Tramontina’s retail customers. The response time is much faster now, because Oracle Supply Chain Planning gives the company visibility into customer data to better forecast demand and replenish inventory. As a result, Tramontina strengthened its customer relationships by delivering products when other vendors couldn’t, due to supply chain disruptions.

Most significantly, in fewer than three days, Oracle Cloud enabled the Tramontina staff to seamlessly transition to remote working during the pandemic. Workers continue to connect with retailers and suppliers, and send information to the supply chain warehouse management team, so it could keep business flowing. This advantage to pivot quickly allowed Tramontina access to more shelf space and increased credibility with big-box retailers in the US market. The company now enjoys an easy-to-maintain, modern ERP and SCM system that continues to improve with quarterly automatic updates, allowing systems to continually improve without interruption.

Published:March 11, 2021