Oracle Retail Markdown Optimization

Maximize Lifecycle Pricing

Achieve optimal recommendations on markdown candidates and pricing based on their risk of being unsold at the end of the selling period, maximizing profitability over the lifecycle.

  • Maximize Lifecycle Pricing

    Use what-if simulation to model alternate prices while understanding the impact of these prices on profitability and inventory positions.

Oracle Retail Markdown Optimization

Balance Consumer Demand with Markdown Implications

  • Combine consumer demand with advanced predictive and simulation techniques to optimize every possible pricing scenario
  • Deliver a workflow and decision framework that allows for what-if scenarios and comparisons
  • Maximize margins over the item's entire lifecycle, not just during the full-price selling period
  • Monitor performance of past and ongoing markdown activities against financial and operational goals
  • Provide visibility into below-chain-level forecast recommendations and gross margin costs of delayed decisions

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