Network Firewall

Apply granular security controls to inbound, outbound, and lateral traffic to application and network workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with flexible policy enforcement. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall is an integrated, cloud native managed firewall service built using next-generation firewall technology from Palo Alto Networks. It helps customers begin to defend against emerging threats and immediately take advantage of the integrated firewall without configuring and managing additional security infrastructure.

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Why OCI Network Firewall?

Adopt a cloud native managed firewall service

Eliminate the need to manage additional third-party security infrastructure with cloud native OCI Network Firewall, built with high availability and on-demand scalability. Quickly enable the service and scale security to secure your applications and cloud environment with advanced firewall features.

Get advanced threat protection

OCI Network Firewall offers a best-in-class threat engine to automatically help stop known malware, spyware, command-and-control (C2) attacks, and vulnerability exploits once the policies are configured. Protect cloud deployments with an integrated intrusion detection and prevention solution built with Palo Alto Networks’ threat analysis engine and Unit 42, a specialized security research team that identifies new threat signatures and detection mechanisms.

Inspect HTTP/S traffic with URL and FQDN filtering

Use OCI Network Firewall to inspect inbound and outbound HTTP/S traffic to a specified list of fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), including wild cards and custom URLs.

Inspect Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) traffic

Easily apply security controls and segmentation for encrypted and nonencrypted traffic to workloads on OCI. OCI Network Firewall inspects both inbound and outbound HTTPS encrypted traffic and is natively integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault.

Help address the needs of regulated environments

Adopt OCI Network Firewall to help address compliance requirements and the stringent security needs of regulated environments.

MAY 24, 2022

Announcing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall

Gopi Gopalakrishnan, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

As a cloud service provider, Oracle is committed to being your partner in security and helping to defend against emerging threats via multiple layers of security that are simple, prescriptive, and integrated. Today, we are excited to announce Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall (OCI Network Firewall), a new cloud native, next-generation managed firewall service, powered by Palo Alto Networks, to address the demands of our increasingly complex digital world.

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