Finance at CloudWorld

Connect with finance customers, experts, and thought leaders to learn how advancements in automation and machine learning can help finance teams move faster and make better-informed business decisions.

Successful companies rely on finance teams for insight, vision, and direction. Learn how your peers use machine learning in Oracle Cloud ERP and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to automate cash forecasting, scenario planning, and the financial close. Hear how customers like you stay current on technology with automatic updates to their Oracle Fusion Cloud applications.

Discover why Brian Sommer, founder and president of TechVentive, is excited for CloudWorld.

Meet the future of finance

Learn about innovations to help transform your finance team so you can stay ahead of change.

What’s next with Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM

No one can predict the future, but you can get close. Explore the innovations that help suggest pre-emptive action before your competitors even recognize the opportunity.

Connect plans across the business

Working in siloes is counterproductive. Planning your business with integrated, connected data improves insight, accuracy, and the ability to make smart decisions—fast.

Unify finance and ops with analytics

Finance and operations are better together. Hear how prebuilt analytics, unified across these departments, can improve financial performance with real-time insights.

Automate financial operations

Eliminate tedious, manual tasks and stop hunting for anomalies. Learn how advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning can automate more than 80% of your standard processes.

Industry innovations

Hear leaders from high tech, financial services, retail, and more share the product, service, and business model innovations that propelled them ahead of the competition.

Deliver great projects—start to finish

Your customers continually evolve, so must your projects. See how you can optimize project management to increase profits, reduce effort, and satisfy customers.

Featured sessions

  • Solution keynote

    Redefine Best with Oracle Cloud ERP

    Oracle Cloud ERP development leaders share how a complete cloud ERP suite can help businesses grow in any market environment by automating tasks, reacting to market shifts, and delivering competitive advantage.

    View the full descriptionof redefining best with Cloud ERP
  • Learning session

    Oracle Cloud ERP: Financials Strategy and Innovation Roadmap

    Learn how Oracle helps finance teams focus on strategic and value-adding priorities. We’ll preview Oracle’s latest innovations and roadmap for accounting operations, financial planning and analysis, and treasury.

    View the full descriptionof Oracle Cloud ERP financial strategy and innovation roadmap
  • Learning session

    Connected Planning: Align Plans and Decisions to Drive Growth

    Planning and forecasting aren’t just for finance—they’re for sales, operations, IT, HR, and other departments. Hear from customers who use Oracle Cloud to connect and align planning across the company.

    View the full description
  • Learning session

    Oracle Cloud ERP: Project Management Strategy and Innovation Roadmap

    Hear how you can transform and rationalize the project business with a unified, AI-enabled enterprise cloud solution, supporting a broad spectrum of project types and diverse project operations.

    View the full descriptionof project management strategy and innovation roadmap
  • Learning session

    Modernizing Finance Processes with Machine Learning in Oracle Cloud EPM

    AI, machine learning, and process automation can help finance become more data driven. Learn new capabilities and hear roadmap announcements for Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management.

    View the full descriptionof modernizing finance processes with machine learning
  • Learning session

    Make Better Use of Your Cash with Continuous Cash Liquidity Forecasting

    Continuous cash forecasting gives you immediate insight into your cash position, helping you decide the best ways to invest, faster. Learn how Oracle Cloud can help you better manage your cash.

    View the full descriptionof making better use of your continuous cash

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    • CloudWorld Hub: 1pm - 8pm
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    • Always On: Networking lounges for Consulting, Support, Industries and more
    • Keynote: 9am - 10:30am
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, certifications, lightning sessions: 9am - 5:30pm
    • Keynote: 4pm - 5:30pm
    • Open time: 5:30pm - 9pm
    • The CloudWorld Party: 9pm - 12am
    • Registration: 7am - 3pm
    • CloudWorld Hub: 8am - 2pm
    • Always On: Networking lounges for Consulting, Support, Industries and more
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, certifications, lightning sessions: 9am - 4:30pm
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