Supply Chain and Manufacturing at CloudWorld

Join your peers and experts in supply chain and manufacturing and learn how to redefine best in your operations.

Ripple effects from supply chain disruptions continue to expose vulnerabilities. Connect with your peers and industry experts to learn how they’re making supply chains more efficient and resilient. Manufacturing and operations leaders will learn how Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing can help them streamline processes, gain visibility across the entire supply chain, and be better prepared to stay ahead of change.

Hear why supply chain thought leader Bob Ferrari is excited for CloudWorld.

Meet the future of supply chain

Connect with your peers and preview advancements that improve supply chain operations and logistics.

Rethink supply chain decision-making

Achieving supply chain excellence requires a strong strategy and organizational roadmap. Learn to improve decision-making with real-time data and processes for supply, sales, and operations planning.

Maximize asset performance

Technologies such as Internet of Things and machine learning can reduce maintenance costs by predicting schedules. Hear how customers have increased asset availability and production throughput.

Improve product quality

Companies are using closed-loop solutions that track product quality at every step of the lifecycle. Our customers will share how these solutions deliver quality and enhance their brand.

Gain better operational visibility

Easily see the complete picture of your company’s operations with a suite that offers the broadest functionality across supply chain, finance, HR, and customer experience.

Innovations that outpace change

Hear examples from our customers about how they are staying ahead of change with continuous updates, innovations, and enhancements in the cloud.

Gain agility with real-time data

With agile planning and coordinated execution, your supply chain becomes flexible and resilient. Learn how companies are making faster decisions and getting ahead of change.

Featured sessions

  • Solution keynote

    Managing Disruption Across Your Supply Chain

    We can’t control all risk factors—but we can prepare for disruptions and mitigate risk with cloud solutions that increase supply chain visibility. Learn how your peers are creating resilient, adaptable supply chains.

    View the full descriptionof managing disruption across your supply chain
  • Learning session

    Start Your Industry 4.0 Journey with What You Have Today

    See how Oracle Cloud gives manufacturers the flexibility to run mixed-mode operations and implement Industry 4.0 manufacturing using building blocks they already have.

    View the full descriptionof starting your industry 4.0 journey
  • Learning session

    Western Digital: Accelerating Beyond Uncertainty with Core Process Transformation

    Western Digital transformed their entire supply chain to mitigate labor shortages, surging costs, and scarce capacity. Hear about their transformation and the critical role of intelligent technologies.

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  • Learning session

    From Surviving to Thriving: How Leaders Plan in the Face of Disruption

    Hear how leading companies use supply chain planning to minimize the impact of inevitable changes. Learn how to detect events and quickly respond with a solution that maximizes results.

    View the full descriptionof how leaders plan in the face of disruption
  • Learning session

    Improve Manufacturing Outcomes Through Strategic Supplier Management

    Poor supplier performance can slow or even stop production. Companies that systematically assess, qualify, and choose strategic suppliers will more effectively minimize risk and achieve their goals.

    View the full descriptionof improving manufacturing outcomes

Hear from supply chain innovators

Our customers explain how they’re streamlining and creating new efficiencies across their supply chains. They’ll share their achievements—and the road it took to get there—so you can take these lessons and immediately apply them to your organization.

  • Hitachi Computer Products America, Director, Production Planning and Production Control

  • Oracle, Executive Vice President of Applications Development

  •, VP Enterprise Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

  • DeRoyal, Vice President

Tena Coppedge

Tena Coppedge CPIM, CSCP is the director of production planning and production control for Hitachi Computer Products America, located in Norman, Oklahoma. She has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing, planning, and supply chain.

Richard Jewell

Rick Jewell is executive vice president of applications development at Oracle. With Oracle since 1989, Rick now has overall responsibility for cloud applications for supply chain and manufacturing, procurement, transportation, global trade management, warehouse management, and the Internet of Things. Prior to Oracle, Rick worked at a global systems integrator and served as CIO for a medical device company. Rick holds a BA in economics and an MS in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

Don La France

Don La France is the enterprise vice president of logistics and supply chain solutions for He joined the company in 2008, and he is directly responsible for several enterprise supply chain functions including global transportation.

Angie Sewell

As senior vice president of IT at DeRoyal Industries, Angie Sewell is a member of the executive leadership team and a key planning strategist for the multimillion-dollar healthcare company. With more than twenty-five years’ experience, she provides information when and where it is needed to increase sales, create efficiencies, and ensure future success. Angie holds a BS in computer science from Tennessee Technological University, an MBA from the University of Tennessee, and two software patents.

Meet the award winners

Celebrate the accomplishments of finance and supply chain leaders who are setting new standards by accelerating innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability. Meet the Oracle Change Agents Award winners and the partners helping make their success possible. Join us on Tuesday, October 18, at 6 p.m. in the Spark Lounge in the CloudWorld Hub.

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CloudWorld Agenda, details below CloudWorld Agenda, details below
    • Registration: 9am - 11pm
    • CloudWorld Hub: Closed
    • Developer Hub: Closed
    • Always On: Closed
    • Registration: 7am - 8pm
    • CloudWorld Hub: 1pm - 7:30pm
    • Developer Hub: 8am - 7:30pm
    • Always On: Networking lounges for Consulting, Support, Industries and more
    • Keynote: 9am - 10:30am
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, certifications, lightning sessions: 11am - 2pm
    • Keynote: 2pm - 3:30pm
    • Welcome reception and award ceremonies in the CloudWorld Hub: 4pm - 7:00pm
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, Applications Innovation keynote, certifications, lightning sessions: 4pm - 6pm
    • Open time: 7:00pm - 12am
    • Registration: 7am - 10pm
    • CloudWorld Hub: 8am - 6pm
    • Developer Hub: 8am - 6pm
    • Always On: Networking lounges for Consulting, Support, Industries and more
    • Keynote: 9am - 10:30am
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, certifications, lightning sessions: 9am - 5:30pm
    • Keynote: 4pm - 5:30pm
    • Open time: 5:30pm - 9pm
    • The CloudWorld Party: 9pm - 12am
    • Registration: 7am - 3pm
    • CloudWorld Hub: 8am - 2pm
    • Developer Hub: 8am - 5pm
    • Always On: Networking lounges for Consulting, Support, Industries and more
    • Learning sessions, hands-on labs, tutorials, certifications, lightning sessions: 9am - 4:30pm
    • Conference concludes, attendee departures

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