Technologists at CloudWorld

Join us at CloudWorld to discover how technologists like you can take on today’s biggest challenges with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Database.

Explore cloud strategy and hands-on technology

Migrating workloads. Reducing security risk. Taking advantage of scalability, diverse data engines, and AI. Building the next big thing. CloudWorld technology sessions cover all these topics and so many more—including for your industry.

Explore database and cloud infrastructure sessions
  • Learn from peers

    Automation, practical AI, built-in security, rapid service delivery. Be inspired by the many ways Oracle customers use cloud technology to accelerate innovation.

    Manage migration

    Learn from experts who know how to migrate on-premises application and database workloads to OCI and multicloud deployments. Get tips on planning, executing, and going live.

  • Examine cloud economics

    Get guidance on thinking through migration costs, optimizing your OCI spend, and taking advantage of Oracle incentives to help you move to and run in the cloud.

    Dive into database

    Whether it’s Oracle Database or MySQL, learn how to get the most from your data—and deliver it to app dev teams—while meeting security, scalability, and resilience needs.

  • Innovate your industry

    All industries face monumental change. Hear how Oracle is creating new solutions to complex challenges in communications, financial services, high tech, retail, and more.

  • Modernize workloads

    Modernization has never been simpler. OCI experts and customers share real-world stories on analytics, AI, and process improvements to low-code and containerized applications.

Featured sessions

  • Oracle Database: What’s New, What’s Next

    Learning session

    The Oracle Database development team discusses what’s coming in Oracle Database 23c, the next major release of Oracle’s leading converged database. Hear how its range of functionality helps…

    View the full descriptionfor session LRN1034
  • Oracle MAA: Proven Over Years, Evolved for Oracle Database 23c

    Learning session

    Join Oracle development experts in discussing how Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) ensures application and database resiliency via a combination of technology, best practices, and...

    See the full description
  • AI for the Biggest Challenges—An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI Overview

    Learning session

    Oracle is helping businesses better use their massive stores of data, helping data scientists build and deploy models like GPT, helping engineers detect anomalies in critical operations, and helping…

    Read the full descriptionfor session LRN1080
  • Quick-Start Development with the Oracle Linux Cloud Developer Image

    Birds of a feather

    Oracle Cloud offers a wide range of services that developers use to easily create, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud. In this session, learn how to get quick access to a cloud developer…

    Read the full descriptionfor session BOF2541
  • App Dev with MySQL HeatWave and Analytics Cloud, APEX, GoldenGate, and Notebooks

    Learning session

    Learn how to build MySQL HeatWave applications using Oracle Application Express (APEX), integrate data from heterogenous data sources using OCI GoldenGate, and derive real-time insights using…

    View the full descriptionfor session LRN2529

Top 5 reasons for technologists to attend CloudWorld

Learn from your peers

Join thousands of technologists from your industry and around the world. Take advantage of forums to share best practices, tips, and tricks.

See the latest, first

Hear about the latest innovations from OCI and Oracle Database in keynotes and sessions. Then, experience them firsthand in labs and demos.

Build your skills

Gain skills directly related to your job, such as automation and integration. Or learn something completely new, such as AI and machine learning.

Meet the builders

Meet directly with the OCI and database engineers who build the products you use every day. Share insights, discuss roadmaps, and collaborate.

Design together

Get extra face-to-face time with OCI and database architects to design and validate your solution. Move into production with confidence.

Start planning for CloudWorld

Success starts at CloudWorld. See you in Las Vegas, September 18–21.