Oracle Primavera 项目组合管理


Primavera 项目组合管理是一款先进的项目组合管理软件解决方案,具有独特的功能、真实世界的企业可扩展性和不受限制的可配置性,堪称管理从构思到执行的任意类型项目组合的理想解决方案。

  • 同时分析关键的战略决策数据和指标


  • 划分投资优先级,并选择具有可靠业务案例论据且可真正整合资金和人员配备的投资


  • 划分投资优先级,并选择具有可靠业务案例论据的投资


  • 通过全套指标对所有计划进行分析,以深入了解投资绩效


Primavera 项目组合管理的优势
  • 选择计划、划分优先级并进行调整,以实现目标
  • 了解更改计划或向项目组合中添加计划带来的影响
  • 实现更出色的 OMB 300 + 53 提交
Chiyoda 可最大限度提升资源能力 — 借助全局项目数据的实时视图加快决策制定
We chose Oracle’s Primavera project management solution because it offers robust, easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere access to project data across all regions instead of just a single country. We now have a consistent view of project status and resource requirements, helping us to maximize our resources and reduce project risk.
— Chiyoda Corporation IT 管理副总监兼总经理 Junichi Masukawa
通过简化对每年一万份采购订单的处理,Selex 改善了民用和军事安全项目的管理
Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management improved our purchase order planning and management. The solution’s flexibility enables us to adapt the software to our unique business requirements, so we can efficiently manage the divisions devoted to large railway, naval, avionics, and civil infrastructures.
— Selex ES 应用系统部总监 Giuseppe Sasso
芝加哥公园管理局高效管理和执行 30 个部门的 400 余个年度公园项目
Expanded collaboration and visibility across departments has been the greatest outcome of our Oracle-based integrated park and project management solution. From the park staff knowing the status of their work orders to project managers knowing the status of their funding, it has been extremely valuable for us.
— 芝加哥公园管理局首席行政官 Tanya Anthony