Oracle Customer Success Managers

Oracle Customer Success Managers
Get More from Oracle Cloud

Oracle’s Customer Success Managers help you gain the full value of Oracle Cloud Solutions.

Take Advantage of Your Guides in the Cloud

Leverage Oracle’s vast resources and get expert advice on training and best practices, along with additional services and offerings as your business grows.

Oracle Customer Success Manager, first quote

 Oracle has a huge number of experts that can help our customers. I value being able to connect my customers with them, and to advise them on what is important.  

—Oracle Customer Success Manager


Oracle Customer Success Managers (CSMs) engage with the right Oracle experts to ensure you get the value you expect.

  • Engage with experts: Provide advice on products and architectures, and connect you to the right people at the right time.
  • Your Voice within Oracle: Provide you with a channel to give feedback on what’s important to your business.

Priority Support

Oracle Cloud Architecture Blueprint and Roadmap Service

Cloud Competency Center

Oracle Customer Success Manager, second quote

 Helping my customers to get started on their cloud journey, and then sharing tools and best practices is very rewarding.  

—Oracle Customer Success Manager


Our CSMs will help identify your training needs and connect you with available tools and communities.

  • Training recommendations:Highlight courses and self-service materials to expand your knowledge.
  • Self-service tools: Understand what help is available and be empowered to help yourself.
  • Community: Connect with the Oracle Cloud Service Community via case studies, speaker opportunities, reference visits, and user group participation.

Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Oracle Customer Success Manager, third quote

 I believe the key to success with cloud is understanding how to get the best from it. Training and knowledge are the foundation.  

—Oracle Customer Success Manager


We help you become more proficient by sharing tools, processes, and industry best practices.

  • Onboarding sessions: Provide technical advice on your cloud services. Introduce you to Oracle people and processes and help make it easier for you to do business with Oracle.
  • KPI and goal setting: Define a strategy, KPIs, and success criteria to ensure they are aligned to your business objectives.
  • Best practices: Share best practices in areas such as architecture and security to meet your business goals.

Oracle Cloud Adoption Principles

Oracle Database Cloud Service Rapid Start Service

Oracle Java Cloud Service Rapid Start Service

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) Rapid Start Service

Oracle Cloud Architecture Blueprint and Roadmap Service

Oracle Customer Success Manager, fourth quote

 With so much flexibility, keeping to the plan is critical. I work with a Fortune 1000 company, and advise them on their cloud usage trends and how to get more value.  

—Oracle Customer Success Manager


We analyze your usage and adoption to help identify areas for optimization and improvement.

  • Adoption review: Understand your current usage and establish predictive capacity and trending. Help you to plan for future business initiatives or events.
  • Usage maturity: Assess the maturity of deployed features and functionality and make recommendations for improvements and efficiencies.
  • Collaborative ROI measurement: Work with you to quantify success and measure results, maximizing your investment.

Oracle Customer Success Manager, fifth quote

 Oracle has so many cloud offerings. I really enjoy helping my customers understand how they can take advantage of new features and products.  

—Oracle Customer Success Manager


Oracle CSMs will ensure you are taking advantage of the latest cloud service capabilities and assist you in planning for the future.

  • Account and utilization planning: Work together to create a near- and long-term account success plan, maximizing product utilization and adoption while delivering on your business objectives.
  • Roadmap highlights: Gain a deeper understanding of how you can harness the highlights to move your business forward.
  • New feature releases: Review newly released features and identify opportunities to leverage them based on your success plan and business objectives.

Oracle Database Cloud Service Onboarding and Migration Service

Oracle Java Cloud Service Onboarding and Migration Service

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