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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog is a metadata management service that helps organizations find and govern data using an organized inventory of data assets across the enterprise. With this self-service solution, data consumers can easily find, understand, govern, and track Oracle Cloud data assets.

As organizations embark on next-generation analytic journeys based on cloud, big data, AI, and machine learning, having the ability to find and govern data assets based on technical metadata and business context—without IT assistance—dramatically speeds time to value. This self-service, metadata management solution enables data consumers to easily find, understand, govern, and track Oracle Cloud data assets across the enterprise using an organized inventory of data assets.

Gain more value from your enterprise data

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog is included at no extra cost with every Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscription. With this single, self-service, collaborative environment, data professionals, such as data analysts, scientists, engineers, and stewards can easily find fit-for-use data. Data professionals can further enhance data discovery, collaboration, and governance with user-defined annotations, tags, and business glossary terms.

Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog

Product Features

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Streamlined User Experience

The modern, intuitive user interface includes a simple dashboard, search-and-browse capabilities, recommended quick actions, and shortcuts.

Data Discovery

Harvest and organize technical metadata from Oracle Cloud sources, such as Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, and Oracle Database, as well as MySQL, Hive, and Kafka sources on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Powerful search-and-browse capabilities enable you to quickly find trusted, fit-for-use data and understand the details of data assets, entities, and attributes, including business context.

Business Glossary

Support data governance using a built-in business glossary for managing business concepts and taxonomies in the form of categories, subcategories, business terms, and relationships.


User-defined, free-form tags and links to the business glossary enable you to add business context to technical metadata for annotations, classification, and simple discovery.


A single, self-service, collaborative environment increases productivity and ensures accountability for truly meaningful data to be used in a centralized manner across the enterprise.

Access Control

Control user access to the data catalog and data assets with policy-based access control using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IAM roles.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog can be integrated with other applications through a set of developer APIs and SDKs to integrate.

Native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service

Hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, this self-service data discovery and governance solution is fully managed by Oracle.