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Oracle Database Service for Azure Features

Guided deployment

Set up automation streamlines linking cloud accounts, connecting virtual networks, and federating identity across OCI and Azure.

Database service management

A familiar, Azure-like portal simplifies management of Oracle Database from Azure.

Metrics and events in Azure

Each database can be monitored using a dashboard. Database metrics are streamed to Azure Application Insights, and database events are provided to Log Analytics.

Direct, low-latency connectivity

Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure provides latency of less than two milliseconds with no intermediaries required.

Private, fault-tolerant interconnection

The service leverages private, redundant network links.

Zero-cost service

Oracle Database Service for Azure is offered at no additional cost. There are no charges for the Interconnect ports or data ingress/egress over the Interconnect. You will be billed normally for consumption of Oracle Database services, such as Autonomous Database.

Collaborative support

Oracle and Microsoft provide collaborative support for troubleshooting and resolving issues.