Power our business

Help one of the largest technology companies in the world to run effectively. You’ll be at the heart of our business, making smart decisions that increase efficiency, reduce risk, and achieve value. Your innovative take on things will help us grow.

Corporate functions roles

  • Finance

    Use your problem-solving skills to drive our financial strategy and help us grow. It’s not about crunching numbers; it’s about seeing things that others don’t—and making a difference to our bottom line.

  • Legal

    Provide worldwide legal advice and support. You’ll make sure our unique global business keeps up with the latest regulations—and remains compliant in the fastest-moving industry in the world.

  • Human Resources

    Develop and execute strategies that maximise the value of our people. You’ll offer support on everything from recruiting to rewarding and drive internal campaigns like diversity and inclusion.

  • Business Analyst

    Analyse key performance indicators that help Oracle meet its strategic objectives. You’ll give advice about the impact of important decisions and develop new and improved business practises that drive value.

  • Deal Specialist

    Partner with our sales organisation to create high-quality contract documentation. Your skill and efficiency will be key to closing deals.

  • License Management Services

    Become key to Oracle's Global License Management Services organisation. You will manage the proper governance, use, and distribution of Oracle systems and solutions.

  • Incentive Compensation Analyst

    Support our global sales model and promote productivity. You’ll design and calculate incentive award payments based on commission plans.

  • Revenue Recognition Analyst

    Take responsibility for all revenues being accurately recorded. You will make sure all revenue is recognised in accordance with the relevant accounting framework.

  • Procurement and Accounts Payable

    Deliver sourcing, supplier management, and contract negotiation services. You’ll lead the processing of purchase orders, invoices, and expense reports with a focus on cost efficiency.

  • Marketing

    Shape the way the world sees Oracle. Use your creative problem-solving to build awareness and drive demand. Get to know our customers and spotlight their success. Show how Oracle innovations are transforming business and the future.

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