Cloud Adoption Framework for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is your organization's key to unlocking the full potential of cloud computing. With a tailored set of guidelines and best practices, it helps ensure a smooth onboarding process and the optimal use of cloud resources. With the framework, Oracle helps you take your business to new heights of efficiency and innovation in the cloud.

Cloud adoption and seamless modernization in Oracle Cloud

Organizations today face the fundamental challenge of modernizing their technology stack while looking for ways to compete more effectively and develop innovative solutions for their customers. Modernizing applications, infrastructure, and platforms using cloud computing is best accomplished with Oracle, the only vendor with comprehensive capabilities for IaaS, PaaS, packaged applications, and SaaS. Explore the value you'll get from OCI.

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Cloud Adoption Framework pillars

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cloud Adoption Framework provides best practices and prescriptive guidance for your organization to plan, adapt, and iterate while adopting the cloud. The framework divides the cloud adoption process into six conceptual pillars, each with key capabilities. The pillars help you connect your business strategy with technology solutions while aligning people, processes, and technology.

Business strategy

  • Goals
  • Business case
  • Business value

People strategy

  • Cloud center of excellence (CoE)
  • Change management
  • Training and readiness


  • Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Process design

  • Governance
  • Risk and compliance
  • Enterprise architecture

Technology implementation

  • Landing zone
  • Migration
  • Modernization

Management and operations

  • Monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Incident management

Enterprise scale baseline landing zone

Learn how the enterprise scale baseline landing zone helps you configure your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure cloud tenancy in preparation for moving your workloads to the cloud.


The Cloud Adoption Framework journey

Adopting the cloud is a multilayered process that extends beyond the implementation of new technology. It requires organizationwide change management, including executive support, clear business goals, a comprehensive workforce readiness plan, and the modernization of current business and information technology processes.

The Cloud Adoption Framework journey The OCI Cloud Adoption Framework journey starts with the business strategy and the people strategy. With those two strategies in place, the framework helps customers define their security and process design to transform their strategies and goals into reality with a technology and governance model and management and operation plans.

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Cloud customer spotlight—Built & Deployed on OCI

The JD Edwards ERP on OCI for Adnams

Explore how Redfaire helped Adnams implement Oracle’s JD Edwards ERP on OCI to deliver excellence throughout the value chain.

The PeopleSoft solution for Alliance Data Systems

Explore how the leading global provider of loyalty and marketing services migrated PeopleSoft to OCI.

The Hyperion solution for Alliance Data Systems

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The E-Business Suite solution for Specialized Bicycle

Explore how Specialized Bicycle Components, founded on the principle of performance and fueled by innovation, moved E-Business Suite to OCI.

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Experience how the Cloud Adoption Framework supports your cloud transformation journey and helps mitigate roadblocks and challenges. Deploy a landing zone for workload deployment in the cloud.

  • Get started with the CAF on day one and beyond

    Migrate to the cloud seamlessly with the Oracle Cloud Adoption Framework. It provides resources, best practices, tutorials, and tools for defining a robust cloud strategy, planning workload migration, and managing cloud environments effectively.

    Day One and Beyond: Cloud Adoption Framework (55:28)
  • Accelerate your cloud journey to OCI

    One of the biggest challenges for customers looking to make the move to a public cloud is the time and resource investment needed to understand how to do so in a way that will ensure success.

    Accelerate Your Journey to OCI Using OCI Landing Zones
  • Deploy a landing zone to OCI

    Deploy the Enterprise Scale Baseline Landing Zone v2.0, a typical architecture for enterprise customers, using a root template.

    Get started with the Enterprise Scale Baseline Landing Zone v2.0

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