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Accelerate IFRS 17 implementation with a proven methodology and framework. Comply with the IFRS 17 accounting standard using the industry’s leading end-to-end modern accounting and reporting IFRS 17 software solution—Oracle IFRS 17 Analyzer.

Oracle and Chartis get to the heart of IFRS 17: Why data and data architecture are vital in addressing insurers' technology challenges

Explore why data management is critical for long-lasting, effective compliance with the new IFRS 17 and LDTI standards in this research report from Oracle and Chartis.

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Oracle is a Chartis Category Leader for IFRS 17/LDTI Compliance

Oracle has been recognized as a 2020 Chartis RiskTech Category Leader for IFRS 17/LDTI Compliance for both accounting systems solutions and data management and reporting solutions.

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Why choose Oracle’s IFRS 17 software for your business?

The IFRS 17 Analyzer integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, linking data, models, systems, and processes between actuarial and accounting functions.

01Align actuarial and accounting modeling and calculations

Preconfigure business rules for the general measurement model (GMM), building block approach (BBA), variable fee approach (VFA), premium allocation approach, and more.

02Achieve strong governance

Consolidate, validate, and reconcile input data from various systems in a unified platform. Gain transparency across the actuarial modeling and financial reporting chain.

03Eliminate inconsistencies across ledgers

Get visibility into journal entries, and reconcile sources and any exceptions before posting to the general ledger. Map cash flows from the subledger to the balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

04Revolutionize reporting

Address financial reporting requirements, including Solvency II, IFRS 9, LDTI, and CECL. Reconcile differences between balance sheets with next-generation business processes.

05Benefit from built-in disclosures

Use predefined quantitative and narrative disclosures for fair value measurement, finance income and expense, increase in credit risk, and any judgements.

06Leverage configurable workflows and automation

Optimize data, the number of calculations, and the periodic revaluation of contracts with automation, scalability, and rapid processing.

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IFRS 17 for the modern insurer

Hear from industry practitioners about best practices to accelerate IFRS 17 implementation—including panel discussions and solution primers.

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LDTI vs. IFRS 17: simpler, but not simple

Accelerate your IFRS 17 and LDTI implementation journey. Discover critical areas to consider when assessing your plan for IFRS 17 and LDTI.

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