Product Tour—Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management

Manage inventory through internal transfers

Most companies experience variability in customer buying patterns which poses a great challenge to their supply chains and requiring them to respond to rapidly changing customer buying behavior and ensure they have stock available to fill orders.

Integration with demand management

Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory Management integrated with Oracle Demand Management form a complete inventory management solution that provides you with full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your organization and supply networks to maximize customer satisfaction while optimizing inventory levels.

Replenishment planning

This often requires companies to rebalance their inventory to keep up with changing customer demand. Oracle Cloud Demand Management’s replenishment planning capability provides continuously updated forecasts and helps inventory managers maintain the stocking levels they need to maximize customer satisfaction. Demand planners can easily launch the application by clicking on Supply Chain Planning, then on Replenishment Planning.

Check inventory levels

Demand Management enables planners to check the inventory levels across locations, spot shortages, and create requests to adjust the stocking levels accordingly.

Demand Management simplifies the rebalancing process by providing a recommendation that allows users to make the necessary inventory movements needed to avoid potential stockouts at specific locations.

Planners can easily identify locations with lower inventory levels and at risk of a stock-out risk and request a transfer from another stocking location to cover the shortage.

After determining the exact quantity the company needs to transfer, planners or inventory managers can submit requisitions to enable the transfer of inventory to different locations. Managers have full visibility into all activities, including transfer requisitions and their status from the Manage Transfer Order view.

Within the Manage Shipment Lines infolet, users can pick the item and ship it to the destined location.

Later, the manager at the destination location will be notified that the transfer has been processed and is awaiting for his approval. At the receiving location, the inventory manager will be notified that the shipment is on the way.

By clicking on the infolet, the inventory manager can verify the transaction and accept it. Once the order has arrived at the destination facility, the inventory manager can complete the transfer order by checking the receipt line and accepting the order.

Check inventory levels

Once the order has been submitted, the managers have complete visibility into the order as it is being initiated, moved and delivered to the destined location. Now the goods are received by warehouse managers and they are stocked and ready to be fulfilled by customer orders.

Check inventory levels

Demand Management and Inventory Management Cloud make it easy for users to visualize balances, monitor activity, and verify inbound and outbound shipments and perform intercompany transfers to ensure that they have stock they need to fulfill customer demand and ensure their ongoing satisfaction.