Oracle x86 servers

Oracle x86 servers allow customers to run Oracle Database, middleware, and application workloads on industry-standard x86 servers with high security and performance. End-to-end Oracle engineering and trusted boot capabilities increase system security for customers’ x86 workloads using the same systems proven in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle engineered systems. Oracle operating systems and virtualization software are included at no extra charge, eliminating hidden customer costs and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Oracle x86 server features

Key differentiators

High-availability designs reduce downtime

Designed, manufactured, and tested to deliver high availability, Oracle x86 servers help customers reduce unplanned downtime for Oracle applications by up to 30%, as discussed in ESG’s analysis (PDF).

Integrated software reduces TCO

Virtualization, systems management, and a choice of Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris operating systems are included with each system for lower TCO.

Built-in security reduces threats

Built-in hardware, software, and firmware security, including Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM), reduces threats to customer applications and data.

Storage choice increases flexibility

Dense form factors with a choice of high-performance NVMe and high-capacity disk storage enable customers to build high-performance private clouds in their data centers or deploy individual systems in remote locations.

Compute choices reduce costs

Configurations ranging from 16-core entry-level servers to high-end servers with 192 cores enable customers to optimize hardware and software costs based on individual system needs.

Choice of operating systems increases flexibility

Each Oracle x86 server comes with virtualization software and a choice of customer-proven operating systems at no extra charge, eliminating unexpected customer costs.

Embedded security and reliability

Embedded security increases protection

Built-in hardware and firmware security features, including improved firmware image signing and secure verified boot, help customers protect cloud tenants and increase data integrity.

Trusted boot eliminates vulnerabilities

Trusted boot Oracle ILOM protects customer applications and data from malicious firmware at startup.

Integrated diagnostics increase uptime

Oracle ILOM’s online fault diagnostics and isolation enable IT staffs to avoid system-level failures and increase application uptime.

Built-in fault management improves reliability

Oracle’s fault management architecture is built into Oracle Server X8 and X9 ILOM and integrated into Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems, providing customers with multilevel reliability optimizations.

Oracle designs reduce tampering

Oracle-owned and developed source code for the system ILOM and full control of the supply chain prevents device tampering before servers are installed in customer data centers.

Zero-downtime patching increases availability

Oracle Linux with Ksplice technology allows customers to increase operating system security by patching their systems without downtime concerns.

Built for enterprise workloads

Complete solutions reduce TCO

A choice of operating systems, virtualization, and systems management software is provided to customers at no additional charge, reducing TCO.

Consolidation eliminates complexity

Up to 192 processor cores, 6 TB of memory, and 128 GB/sec of I/O bandwidth allow customers to reduce data center complexity by consolidating workloads on fewer, higher-performance systems.

Comprehensive management simplifies Oracle environments

Oracle Premier Support includes access to Oracle Enterprise Manager, enabling customers to have a full-stack view of their environment—from the system to the database.

Advanced cooling reduces failures

Advanced cooling technology optimizes temperatures of internal components, reducing IT staff concerns about system failures caused by overheating.

Online servicing increases availability

Hot-pluggable components allow IT staffs to perform maintenance without interrupting applications.

Single-vendor support increases productivity

Single-vendor accountability and point of contact for both Oracle hardware and software reduce the amount of time IT staffs need to resolve complex issues.

Oracle Server X9-2

Performance for compute-intensive workloads

Oracle Server X9-2’s high density allows IT teams to efficiently support compute-intensive workloads and to create private or public clouds using high-performance building blocks.

Compact design increases flexibility

One or two Intel® Xeon® processors in a 1U form factor enable customers to deploy servers with 16 to 64 processor cores in data centers or edge environments.

Density accelerates compute-intensive applications

Deployable with more than 2,600 cores and 84 TB of memory in a single rack, customers can accelerate compute-intensive applications in small data centers.

Flash storage increases performance

Up to 27.2 TB of low-latency, high-bandwidth, hot-swappable flash storage drives accelerate customer applications and reduce customer downtime.

Oracle ILOM increases security

Built-in Oracle ILOM fault diagnostics and fault isolation maximizes firmware security and prevents malicious attacks in customer data centers.

Oracle Server X9-2L

Flexibility for enterprise workloads

Oracle Server X9-2L’s storage-intensive configurations allow customers to accelerate enterprise workloads such as Oracle Database, NoSQL, and Hadoop.

High performance for data-intensive applications

Two Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 64 total cores, 2 TB of memory, and 132.8 TB of high-bandwidth NVMe flash storage or 216 TB of disk storage in a 2U form factor accelerate data-intensive customer applications.

Configurable I/O simplifies integration

10 PCIe 4.0 expansion slots with up to 576 GB/sec bidirectional I/O bandwidth enable customers to easily connect to existing data center infrastructure.

Oracle ILOM increases security

Built-in Oracle ILOM 5 fault diagnostics and fault isolation maximizes firmware security and prevents malicious attacks in customer data centers.

Oracle Server X8-8

Scalable design increases performance

Oracle Server X8-8’s high CPU, memory, and I/O performance enable IT departments to support a wide range of high-performance applications or consolidate multiple enterprise workloads to reduce data center complexity.

Configuration options increase flexibility

Two configuration options allow customers to optimize their data center by deploying either one 8-socket system with 192 Intel® Xeon® CPU cores or two 4-socket systems with 96 cores, each in a compact, 5U form factor.

Large memory improves consolidation

Up to 6 TB of memory with 1 TB/sec of memory bandwidth enables customers to efficiently consolidate application workloads or run in-memory databases and applications requiring very large memory footprints.

High bandwidth speeds I/O-intensive applications

Up to 384 GB/sec of I/O bandwidth enables customers to rapidly load and store in-memory workloads and process multi-TB storage-based datasets.

Reconfigurability increases flexibility

IT staffs can reconfigure an Oracle Server X8-8 system between a single 8-socket system and two 4-socket ones in the field, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing workload requirements.

Oracle x86 server use cases

  • Run demanding enterprise applications

    Run your applications with high performance while maximizing deployment flexibility and security.

  • Consolidate industry-standard workloads

    Reduce the complexity of your data center infrastructure by consolidating industry-standard applications using the compute, memory, and I/O performance provided by Oracle x86 servers.

  • Deploy high-availability cloud infrastructure

    Run your applications and scale-out cloud environments with high, reliable performance and multiple levels of embedded security.

  • Reduce costs for virtualized environments

    Eliminate hidden operating system and virtualization costs for your x86 servers and have a single support contact with Oracle Linux and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager software that’s included at no extra cost.

  • Prevent malicious intrusions

    Improve security and uptime with Oracle ILOM’s trusted boot, online fault diagnostics, and isolation. Developed by Oracle and built with 100% supply chain control to eliminate preinstallation threats.

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