Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat is an ad measurement and marketing analytics suite designed to help advertisers, publishers, and platforms measure media performance across the breadth of their digital and TV advertising campaigns.

Oracle Moat Measurement
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Explore Oracle Moat Measurement

Oracle Moat delivers solutions that are critical to measuring advertising effectiveness, including verification and attention, reach, and frequency as well as sales lift measurement.

Verify campaigns across mobile, digital, and CTV

Gain a comprehensive view of your ad campaigns. With a broad array of metrics for video (including CTV environments), mobile, display, branded content, and emerging formats, you can identify the high-performing channels, creative, formats, and environments that can optimize your spend.

Verify impression delivery with precision and transparency

Confirm that your impressions were seen by a real person and delivered in your desired brand-safe and brand-suitable environments.

Go beyond baseline verification

Confirm that your ads are seen as you intended using ad verification services that show they have the opportunity to be seen by a real person on the promised website or device type in a brand-safe environment.

Reduce the risk and costs of bad brand experiences

Ensure advertisements appear only in brand-safe and brand-suitable environments, so that advertisers can block bids on advertising impressions and avoid serving ads into locations that may be fraudulent or inappropriate. Oracle Moat Analytics helps you detect and avoid placements found to involve fraudulent or invalid traffic (IVT), as defined by industry organizations, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council.

Advertising measurement where you need it

Measure every impression with integrations into display, video, connected TV, ad servers, social platforms, demand side platform (DSPs), and more. With Oracle Moat Analytics, you gain campaign, creative, placement, domain, URL, and impression transparency and can analyze advertising effectiveness with a tool that’s backed by industry benchmarks and visual, real-time reporting.

Cross-channel campaign reach and frequency

See the full picture of campaign and channel performance with deduplicated reach and frequency metrics at the platform, media partner, audience segment, and household level.

Cross-channel view of advertising activity

Easily and quickly identify frequency overlap and incremental reach with insight into different channels, including connected TV (CTV), TV, desktop, and mobile. With an understanding of activity across all channels, you can diminish overlap and create efficiencies.

Effortless integrations

Activate Moat Reach in any environment where the Moat tag is accepted. You can export data into your existing dashboards and templates for better workflows. Moat Reach is built on key proprietary datasources that combine the validity and viewability standards from Moat Analytics with Oracle Advertising’s best-in-class identity and audience solutions.

Customizable data views

Filter data by household, person, device, channel, and more, using a single-view dashboard for easy decision-making. You can easily change and analyze by date and age ranges or filter by a range of criteria, including:

  • Channel (TV, digital, digital TV), program, or domain
  • Viewability, audience, demographic (household and person), media partner, campaign, and more
  • Household, person, and device-level

Ensure your campaigns are reaching desired audience segments

Measure audiences beyond age and demographics using unique datasets built from 7.5 trillion data points collected monthly, $5 trillion observed consumer spending, and the first-party data you provide. Oracle Moat Reach allows you to leverage impression data that’s sourced from automatic content recognition (ACR) data from millions of smart TVs.

Spotify expands measurement options with Oracle Moat Analytics

Spotify chose Moat because it was a leader in the video measurement space. We always want to provide a first-class experience for our listeners and advertisers. Moat was a great fit, and it still is.

— Rochelle Sanchirico, Spotify global director of SMB marketing


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Featured benefits of Oracle Moat Measurement

Launch smarter campaigns that deliver intended outcomes

Optimize campaign results, maximize campaign budgets, and reduce the risk to brand reputation with a full suite of brand safety and measurement solutions.

Maximize the value of your programmatic and direct inventory

Publishers can discover and optimize the value of their audiences and inventory. Our suite of measurement solutions helps you tell better stories about the effectiveness of your inventory and audiences. Differentiate your offering and maximize the value of your media.

Build the credibility of your platform

Platforms can easily establish trust and credibility with advertisers and partners by verifying the value of their solutions with Oracle Moat’s independent measurement solutions.

Go beyond verification and measure what matters

Verify impression delivery in valid, viewable, and brand-safe environments. But don’t stop there. Better understand advertising effectiveness across all channels, measure reach and frequency, and use campaign analytics to see what drove offline lift. You’ll get the full story with Oracle Moat Measurement.