Master Supplier Information, Streamline Supplier Management Processes

Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management is the supplier development application that transforms qualification, administration, and assessment. With Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management organizations can streamline registration and review of prospective suppliers, enable cross functional performance evaluation, and assure effective governance and risk mitigation. It is a key component of Oracle Advanced Procurement, the integrated suite that dramatically cuts all supply management costs.

Suppliers aren't just important to the procurement department; they are often a key component of an entire organization's ability to generate value. And the ability to generate value is compromised when information about supplier performance is locked away in disparate systems or in employee's heads. Without a clear picture of the capabilities of incumbent and potential suppliers, organizations can only guess and hope that they are buying from the right sources.

Oracle Supplier Lifecycle management works together with Oracle Supplier Hub to deliver complete, accurate, and relevant information from across the supplier network. Oracle Supplier Hub is the application that unifies and shares critical information about an organization's supply base.

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Key Features

  • Streamline registration and review of prospective suppliers
    With web-based self-service registration, advanced evaluation and scoring, and configurable approvals management.
  • Enable cross-functional performance evaluation
    By supporting templatized questionnaires, flexible feedback mechanisms, and visibility into archived supplier appraisals.
  • Assure effective governance and risk mitigation
    With extensible profile management, risk driven supplier segmentation, and ability to integrate with third-party supplier information services.