AI Solution

Text Translation Using OCI Language


Because online conversations can be global and 24/7, making sense of them in real time can require a huge team of people to decipher the mood or tone of text. However, with AI, you can monitor, translate, and understand sentiment without worrying about time zones. This can be applicable to social media and other realms since AI can analyze unstructured text across domain knowledge areas, extracting insights without the need for data science or machine learning expertise.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Language lets you perform sophisticated text analysis at scale. The service supports the ability to identify terms that are unique to your domain, such as product part codes, manufacturing terms, and specific financial entities, and provides pretrained models, customizable models, and automatic text translation across 30 languages.


Demo: Text Translation Using OCI Language (2:05)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. Getting started with OCI Language—documentation
  3. OCI Language overview—documentation
  4. Python 3.10
  5. Open source package manager—Conda
  6. OCI SDK and command-line interface—configuration