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Digital Assistant

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Digital Assistant is an AI service that offers prebuilt skills and templates to create conversational experiences for your business applications and customers through text, chat, and voice interfaces. Application owners can easily get started with prebuilt skills to provide chatbot functionality to business users. Developers can build on the library of templates and create their own custom skills to automate the customer experiences.

IDC MarketScape: Oracle named a leader in Conversational AI platform

This report by IDC focuses on conversational AI platforms developers can use to build any type of skills (chatbots).

Webcast: ECHO Achieves 400% ROI

Watch this on-demand webcast to discover how ECHO realized 70% call deflection rate answering customers’ questions with Oracle Digital Assistant.

Ovum names Oracle an AI Digital Assistant leader

The Ovum Decision Matrix focuses on the leading intelligent virtual assistant solutions targeting the enterprise market.

Why choose Oracle Digital Assistant?

Prebuilt skills and templates

Get started right away with a library of common interactions and integrations with your existing Oracle applications.

Explore skills

One assistant for all applications

Connect all your business applications and simplify user experience, consolidating conversations to a single unified interface. Developer can leverage tools like the chatbot architecture framework, conversational designer, and dialog trainer to build and deploy custom skills for their applications.

Read how PLDT Home added convenient self-service for their customers

Secure and scalable

Enable one authentication profile so users have secure conversational access to different applications based on roles.

Pre-integrated with Oracle cloud applications to offer a secure single sign-on across applications.

Read how IFFCO empowers farmers with a voice-enabled chatbot

Digital Assistants for the Enterprise

Conversational AI

Natural Language Understanding and built-in machine learning

Oracle Digital Assistant applies deep semantic parsing using natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), and custom algorithms to understand common conversations to derive accurate intent and context.

AI-powered voice

Eliminate reliance on third-party offerings with Oracle’s AI-powered Voice. Users can communicate with their business application using voice commands with an assistant that understand their business specific vocabulary and enables naturally expressive interactions. Give your customers more control of their data by providing end-to-end security and compliance with privacy standards such as PII and GDPR.

Analytics and insights

Gain customer insights through built-in analytics that identify conversational bottlenecks and usage patterns and make data-driven decisions that continually improve the user experience.

Integration with enterprise applications

Unified conversational experience

Oracle Digital Assistant unifies single-purpose chatbots into one digital assistant making it easy for users to interact with multiple systems from one conversation. Conversations are contextual and personalized to individual users and roles.

Pre-built chatbots for Oracle cloud applications

Only Oracle Digital Assistant offers out-of-the-box chatbot skills for Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud SCM, Oracle Cloud HCM, and Oracle Cloud CX to get you started immediately.

Chatbot architecture framework

Rapidly build custom chatbots for any third-party and on-premises applications using sample templates, reusable components and the built-in chatbot architecture framework.

Advanced conversational design tools

Conversational designer

Let business users design their own conversational experiences with a point-and click, no-code dialog flows interface.

Dialog and domain trainer

Train the bot on custom domain vocabulary. Combining out-of-the-box training with human training further improves the Assistant’s accuracy.

Native multilingual support

Add training data in multiple languages, such as Spanish and French, and skip external translation services to improve engagement and expand use beyond the English-speaking population. With Oracle Digital Assistant’s zero shot mutlilingual NLU, you do not need to recreate the same training data set for each language.

Open, scalable, secure

Multi-channel support

Engage users via popular channels already in use such as web, mobile, SMS texting, smart speakers, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. Start a conversation on one channel and complete in another, without losing context.

Automated bot-to-agent transfer

Oracle Digital Assistant integrates with Oracle Service Cloud and other helpdesk management systems to intelligently respond to service requests, offer best next-step recommendations, and drive cost savings of up to 40% with help desk automation. An effortless handoff of full call history to a live agent in the case of more complex calls ensures greater customer satisfaction and improved service levels.

Integrated authentication profile

Enable one authentication profile so users have seamless but secure conversational access to different applications in the backend based on roles. Oracle Digital Assistant security is pre-integrated with Oracle cloud applications to offer a single sign-on across applications.

View more customer successes

Digital Assistant customer successes

Oracle Digital Assistant and conversational AI help a wide variety of businesses discover more ways to reach and communicate with their customers.

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One of the largest transportation, e-commerce and business services providers automates their processes with digital assistants.

Prebuilt enterprise Digital Assistant

  • Human resources

    Support key talent management processes and reduce administrative strain by proactively sending reminders for employees to complete goals and provide performance feedback. Managers can speak to the digital assistant to quickly review employee files, provide timely feedback, and add important notes to ensure fair performance reviews.

    Digital Assistant for HCM

  • Customer service and call deflections

    Intuitively guide users through workflows, enforce policies, and enable a manage-by-exception culture. Oversee projects, submit expenses, and handle logistics via a single conversational assistant.

    Digital Assistant for CX

  • Enterprise resource management

    Empower employees with conversational access to self-service processes from anywhere, on any device.

    Digital Assistant for ERP and SCM

Digital Assistant pricing

Oracle Digital Assistant

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Oracle Digital Assistant Cloud Service


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Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for Oracle SaaS

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Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for Oracle SaaS - Hosted Employees

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Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for Oracle SaaS - Hosted Named User

Hosted named user
Oracle Digital Assistant Platform for SaaS - 1,000 Sessions

1,000 sessions
July 28, 2020

Oracle Enhances Oracle Digital Assistant with multi-lingual NLU, enhanced speech, and data manufacturing

Srini Vinnakota, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle

Call them chatbots, virtual assistants, or simply bots. Whatever the name, AI-powered conversational interfaces are becoming mainstream staples for consumers and enterprise alike. In fact, leading analyst firm Gartner believes that by 2022, 70 percent of white collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis.

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