Siebel CRM Migration to OCI

Oracle’s Siebel CRM deployments can be easily migrated to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)—without significant configuration, integration, or business process changes. Access step-by-step resources outlining best practices as well as expert guidance from Oracle engineers and partners.

Four-step migration to OCI with Siebel Cloud Manager

  • Plan Plan
    • Confirm your software and versions for Siebel CRM (must be 18.12 or later), your operating system and database, GitLab EE, Python, and 7-Zip.
    • Be ready with user roles for tenancy, network, Cloud Manager, Siebel CRM infrastructure, and OCI Vault administration.
    • Explore Oracle Bring Your Own License choices.
  • Prepare Prepare
    • Create OCI accounts and resources.
    • Deploy the Cloud Manager instance via Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
    • Run the Siebel Lift utility.
  • Execute Execute
    • Install Siebel Cloud Manager on OCI.
    • Install and configure Siebel CRM.
      • Use artifacts from the “lift” operation.
      • Use custom configurations.
  • Validate Validate
    • Verify the Siebel CRM deployment on OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes.
    • Perform regression tests.
    • Test GitOps.
    • Determine your readiness to switch over.

Step-by-step migration resources

You can keep your Siebel CRM application as you have it today while taking advantage of the operational and cost benefits of the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed to simplify cloud migration for all applications, including Siebel CRM. Oracle’s second-generation cloud platform improves application performance and availability, for less. Explore our complimentary migration resources below.

Siebel Cloud Manager is an automation tool specially designed for customers to simplify the “lift and shift” of their existing Siebel applications from the current source system infrastructure to OCI with all their customizations intact. Not only that, but the migrated system is automatically deployed with a containers and Kubernetes architecture.

Why use Siebel Cloud Manager?

  • Seamless and secure movement: Using the tool simplifies the transformation of the current configurations and securely moves all existing configurations to OCI with all customizations intact.
  • Continuous deployment: Use continuous deployment for new Siebel CRM environments in OCI and artifacts on the base Siebel CRM image.

If your current Siebel CRM version isn’t compatible with Siebel Cloud Manager (which currently supports Siebel 18.12 and later) you can still migrate your workloads as they are—from on-premises or any cloud platform—by using the Bring Your Own Image (BYOI) feature of OCI. With BYOI, everything from on-premises virtual machines moves to OCI as is, reducing the overall migration effort and time.

Oracle Cloud Lift Services provide guidance from cloud engineers on planning, architecting, prototyping, and managing cloud migrations. Customers can move critical Oracle and non-Oracle workloads in weeks—or even days—instead of months by leveraging these services, which are included with customer tenancies.

Siebel CRM on OCI customer successes

Migrate with assistance from an Oracle partner

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Key benefits of migrating Siebel CRM to OCI

  • Increased flexibility

    Develop, test, roll out, and maintain your customized Siebel CRM environment to enable your organization’s transition to the cloud.

  • Optimized resources and cost

    ffectively optimize the usage of cloud computing resources and benefit from the efficiency of Siebel CRM DevOps automation. Use what you need, when you need it.

  • Increased agility

    Fast-track the development and go to market of new application functionality to capitalize on new business objectives. Run multiple projects using automated provisioning of environments.

  • Scalability

    Various resources available in OCI support high scalability. By autoscaling the pods, you can meet your needs for workload and performance—and accommodate surges—on demand.

  • Choice

    Oracle’s distributed cloud model offers the same OCI cloud services, user and management experiences, and value anywhere your business demands. We can bring all our cloud functions, infrastructure services, platform services, and SaaS applications to you in your data center.

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