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Oracle Database Vault

Oracle Database Vault implements data security controls within Oracle Database to restrict access to application data by privileged users. Reduce the risk of insider and outside threats and address compliance requirements, including separation of duties.

Oracle protegge i dati per tutto il loro ciclo di vita e su tutto lo stack con una sicurezza automatizzata, sempre attiva e progettata nella suite.

Explore Oracle Database Vault

Database Vault realms

Block unauthorized access to sensitive data by creating restricted application environments within Oracle Database.

Database Vault command rules

Block accidental or malicious changes to production databases attempted outside specific maintenance windows.

Database Vault trusted paths

Use factors like client IP address, program, user name, and time of day to control access to data and data operations.

Separation of duties

Allow only defined security roles to manage users, profiles, and security controls while limiting administrators to managing only the database.

Rakuten logo

Rakuten Securities restricts access to sensitive data with Oracle Database Vault

“Only Oracle could provide a one-stop shop for database security solutions, including access control and data encryption. It also met our requirements to enable a defense-in-depth protection approach by allowing surveillance of not only data in the database, but also the files in the operating system.”

Takamitsu Arano,
Acting Manager, IT Division, CIF System Department, Rakuten Securities, Inc.


Oracle Database Vault use cases

  • Protect sensitive data

    Block attackers from accessing sensitive data with stolen privileged user credentials—the most common attack vector today.

  • Prevent inadvertent access

    Block accidental access by database administrators to sensitive data without compromising their ability to perform necessary tasks.

  • Prevent unauthorized database changes

    Block accidental or malicious changes to production databases and restrict authorized changes to defined maintenance periods.

  • Enforce policy-based access control

    Prevent misuse of privileged credentials outside allowed IP address, time of day, client programs, and more.

  • Separation of duties

    Define and separate roles for security and administration so administrators can’t modify security policies or access sensitive data.

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