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Oracle Health’s professional services are designed to provide in-depth analytics to help determine appropriate performance improvement plans, outline governance, and increase clinician satisfaction and efficiencies in your electronic health record (EHR).

Enhance clinical, operational, and financial efficiencies.

Services and technology

We understand your technology systems, and with our analytics solutions, we can help you optimize them.

The products shown are intended as examples of what has been provided in specific cases. Each medical device/product is designed to comply with the regulations of the geography where it is used. However, we cannot assure its availability or compliance in other specific regions. Local adaptations may be necessary to meet regional requirements.

24/7 support for incident management and EHR applications

Leverage a full-service support experience. Receive tier 3 and tier 4 support when you purchase licensed software agreements, with the added option to buy premier tier 1 and tier 2 support. Organizations with access to full-service support report faster resolution times and enhanced end-user experiences.

Deliver enhanced experiences and results

Leverage the value of your EHR across your entire organization with Lights On Network’s enterprise-level data analytics. Help improve the experience for your clinicians, drive results for your organization, and enable system efficiencies to support your operations.

Designed to help drive adoption, efficiencies, and return on investment

Oracle Health Adoption Coaching offer a full-scale model to help promote successful end user adoption. Our adoption coaches provide customers with the support and guidance they need to implement and enhance their Oracle Health solutions with confidence.

Coaching services support model

Conversion coaches support customers before, during, and after go-live to help drive and reinforce adoption of their solutions. Our coaches are engaged throughout the process to help end users customize their settings and system preferences, answer questions, and enhance their EHR experience.

Advance usability and productivity

With adoption consulting services, clinicians receive one-on-one attention from our consultants to help improve their proficiency with Oracle Health solutions. Adoption consulting focuses on the end user’s experience with and mastery of Oracle Health products and is intended for customers that are already live. Our services focus on customer programs that provide ongoing end user support and data-driven strategies. Our team is equipped with techniques to emphasize the importance of behavior change and to advocate for the adoption of the EHR.

End user optimization

We understand EHR adoption doesn’t end at go-live. EHR adoption and optimization require continual advancement and education. No matter where you are in your EHR journey, your organization can benefit from proactive and personalized support. Just as system modifications and upgrades continue after solutions are implemented, ongoing clinician support should continue, alongside system maintenance and organizational change initiatives.

To support EHR adoption and productivity, our consultants

  • Use Oracle Health Product Advancement Adoption Consulting and Lights On Network data to proactively target specific clinicians who show the greatest potential for adoption, efficiency, and achieving other organizational goals
  • Provide personalized adoption support based on each clinician’s unique needs
  • Offer end-of-engagement reports with an analysis of metric improvements to provide transparency after the consultation is complete

Sustainment consulting

Oracle Health Sustainment Education Consulting team helps educate staff and develop programs that provide the tools needed to maintain a continuous EHR support model. A dedicated Oracle Health adoption manager educates and trains your team of informaticists and educators to develop a continual support program. If your organization doesn’t have informaticists or educators, Oracle Health offers an adoption manager and adoption consultants to support your end users while helping you develop the program.

We align with clinicians to help enhance their overall experience and build end user support teams that enable success through

  • End user optimization
  • Adoption and ongoing support after onboarding
  • Assistance with clinician requests and upgrades
  • Workflow analysis

Help your team get comfortable using the EHR

To provide patients with optimal care, it’s essential that care organizations optimize the value of their health IT investments. Your organization’s success is often the direct result of strong adoption and user experiences. Offering consistent and comprehensive learning tools is key to helping users become comfortable with the EHR and driving workflow efficiencies. Oracle Health Learning Framework offers organizations a learning strategy that’s designed to help them achieve their outcomes and goals.

The foundation of your learning strategy

Oracle Health Learning Framework is an end-to-end learning strategy designed to deliver role-based, best-practice learning journeys that are aligned with the Model Experience. End users can access content at their convenience and as often as they need to strengthen their confidence and enhance their user experience within the platform.

Learning portal

With our learning portal, organizations can deploy content, track users’ progress, monitor goal attainment to help predict the success of learning outcomes, and import Model Experience content to always stay up to date.

Oracle Health In-App eCoach

Oracle Health In-App eCoach helps you get the most out of your organization's EHR investments by supporting continual learning and advancement through building awareness of changes, delivering learning materials, and reinforcing training.

  • Enhanced communication between an organization’s leadership and staff
  • A support experience tailored to each user’s workflow
  • Enhanced end-user efficiency with Oracle Health solutions
  • Support to help users navigate workflow and functionality changes

Optimize Oracle Health Organizational Change Management Consulting

Adapting to the clinical, cultural, and technological changes of the modern healthcare industry can be a huge challenge for organizations. To thrive, organizations must be able to quickly incorporate new ideas and processes while learning how to effectively manage change.

Our change management services help get your organization from where you are to where you want to be. We provide the framework and tools to introduce and fully implement change in your organization and, in doing so, help you optimize employee efficiencies and effectiveness.

  • Support for the design, development, and delivery of a change management strategy
  • A framework to help diagnose an organization's cultural needs to help overcome barriers to success
  • Help driving employee engagement and technology adoption

Leverage optimization services to drive outcomes

With our optimization services, we help your organization access and leverage enhanced processes and experiences to drive optimal outcomes.

We leverage a value-based, data-driven organizational strategy that makes optimization easy for you. We assist you in staying current with processes and technology, enabling you to make more-informed decisions for healthcare management. We have an iterative approach where we

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in people, processes, and technology
  • Leverage modern capabilities and specialty roles from the Model Experience
  • Establish a process for ongoing improvement in the highest priority areas
After the primary care optimization efforts at Children’s Minnesota, new workflow efficiencies helped eliminate approximately 66 hours of clinicians’ EHR time per month and reduce clinicians' after-hours time in the EHR by 16%.
After implementing additional [Oracle Health Decision Support Solutions] in June of 2022, coverage of medication orders with route of administration filters reached 97%.

Sarah Washburn DNP, MS, RNC-OB, CPHQ Clinical Quality Specialist, Vail Health

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