Cloud Guard Features

Detect and remediate threats

Detect targeted malicious behavior

Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector helps you continuously monitor cloud environments using targeted behavior models aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Resources are profiled and sightings are created when actions match tracked techniques. Sightings are correlated and scored to provide a complete picture of attacks and their progression. Cloud Guard problems with detailed evidence and history are created for resources with elevated risk scores and can be used to trigger responder recipes or downstream workflows.

detect malicious behavior

Protect customer tenancies

A global and centralized security approach

Adopt a cloud security posture management strategy with a global and centralized approach to help secure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer tenancies.

customer tenancies

Automatically remediate security problems

Improve security operations efficiency

Automate the remediation of security threats for simple and complex issues using security recipes to help optimize your security operations team resources.

remediate security problems

Obtain a comprehensive view of risk posture

Address high-priority cloud security issues

Assess and view the security and risk posture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer tenancies with a console user interface and programmatic interfaces such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APIs, command-line interfaces, software development kits, and more.

risk posture