Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) from Oracle

Our highly scalable and reliable ADMS delivers on all aspects of real-time distribution monitoring, optimization, and control. Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) is the preferred single pane of glass for distribution operators.

Oracle named as a leader in Advanced Distribution Management Systems.

Advanced Distribution Management with Oracle Utilities NMS

Real-time network awareness

With more than a decade of proven performance, our power flow state estimation feature helps distribution system operators monitor the real-time status of their networks.

Automate for improved reliability

Our FLISR is robust and proven, capable of multitiered restoration and optimization of voltage regulation, capacitor settings, and dispatchable distributed energy resources (DERs) to relieve forecasted violations.

Diagnostics for faster restoration

Using fault location analysis (FLA), quickly pinpoint the location of a fault and dispatch a field crew to complete the work needed to restore service.

Optimize for efficiency

Deploy Volt/VAR optimization (VVO) suggested switching, and DER management systemwide for improved distribution network efficiency and reliability. Includes automated protection setting updates for improved safety.

Anticipate and adjust

Optimize switching and resource dispatching with forecasts that are informed by historical power demand, weather, and other data.

Control the modern, distributed grid

Manage beyond just field devices. With embedded SCADA built on the latest technology, control the complex systems that comprise today’s grid.

Evergy achieves flexibility with a sophisticated IT/OT approach to ADMS

Evergy shares its vision to leverage its ADMS, operational technology (OT) integration middleware, and system of systems architecture to standardize grid operations and scale distribution automation at lower cost.

ADMS solutions

01Streamline distributed energy resource management

Model, monitor, and manage all types of distributed energy resources (DERs) down to customer-owned grid edge devices.

Explore Oracle Utilities Distribution Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)

02Improve outage management

Restore outages faster, integrate emergency and mutual-aid crews, and get accurate information to customers.

Explore Oracle Utilities Outage Management System

03Simplify complex device integration

Communicate across network devices with an operational technology message bus (OTMB) for real-time integration that is secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient.

Explore Live Energy Connect

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A Platform Approach to Advanced Distribution Grid Management

Addressing unprecedented challenges in an evolving utility landscape requires an enterprisewide, platform-based approach that focuses on effective grid management techniques while supporting customers to take control over their energy usage.

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A grid operator’s guide to DER and EV integration readiness

The next decade of utility industry transformation will present both opportunities and challenges for distribution grid business owners and operators. Read this step-by-step process for utility distribution grid operators and their stakeholders to evaluate and plan for DER and EV integration.

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Oracle Industries Innovation Lab

The Oracle Industries Innovation Lab offers real-world modeling of utility operations, customer experiences, and cutting-edge technologies. Oracle has invested millions of dollars into this lab to help utilities imagine, experiment, and test new ideas—with a variety of utility-specific scenarios and exhibits to explore.

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