Online Ordering for Restaurants

Improve your online experience, increase online orders, and grow new customer acquisitions by managing all your digital channels across online ordering and mobile and delivery service providers (DSPs) from a single transaction platform.

Online Ordering System Essentials

Your online ordering system doesn't need to be complicated, but it does need to connect what can be a complicated customer journey. Our team can advise you on how to build a connected online food ordering strategy that supports modern restaurant business priorities.

Simphony Online Ordering

Simphony is seamlessly integrated with online ordering out of the box, providing restaurateurs with a complete digital restaurant management platform to increase online order sales, eliminate the need for restaurant staff to manually key orders into the Simphony point of sale, and automate order data flow to the kitchen.

Automate your restaurant's business operations by populating and maintaining online menus from the point of sale. In the case of a menu item change, out of stock item, or price change, data only needs to be updated once—in Simphony POS.

Introducing the GloriaFood and Simphony POS integration

Online Ordering Systems

Oracle gives you two industry-leading options for equipping your restaurant with online ordering and delivery.

Use Simphony Point of Sale from Oracle to automatically create and maintain menus on your website and mobile app as well as on third-party marketplaces with our direct connection to Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Postmates, DoorDash, Rappi, Glovo, and other popular online ordering apps. Each online order automatically flows through your POS for payment processing, inventory updates, kitchen prep, delivery updates, and more—all managed from a single secure cloud platform.

If speed and simplicity is key, Oracle GloriaFood can help your restaurant add online ordering to your website with just a few clicks for free.

Cloud-based POS System

No matter how many digital channels you have, an online POS system makes online menu management simple and consistent. Measure sales and profit by channel and manage your digital brand from one location.

Cloud-based POS System

Kitchen Display System

Kitchen display systems keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Orders are fired directly to the KDS as soon as the online order is taken, allowing the kitchen to start preparing, and ensuring promise times are always met.

Kitchen Display System

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Keep your customer base coming back with our gift and loyalty program management system. Offer awards based on online order frequency, dollars spent, and items purchased.

Our restaurant loyalty software allows your customers to view their rewards in real time. This creates a perfect opportunity to engage with them through targeted data-driven marketing campaigns and offer online gift cards.

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Location-aware Technology

An online ordering system for restaurants, integrated with a GPS-enabled web app, or location-aware technology automates contactless pickup. This seamless flow from order to fulfillment is the level of service customers expect.

Location-aware Technology

Mobile POS Tablets

Mobile POS tablets are cost-effective for managing online orders with curbside pickup. Use mobile POS tablets to inform the kitchen of successful contactless pickup and trigger loyalty rewards.

Mobile POS Tablets

Self-service Kiosks

Picking up an online order should be fast and easy. Self-service kiosks makes contactless pickup simple for customers and streamlined for your staff.

Self-service Kiosks

Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management informs your restaurant online ordering system through your online POS so you're never out of an important menu item. Track menu profit, down to the ingredient and digital channel.

Inventory Management Systems

Online Restaurant Ordering System for Contactless Delivery and Pickup

Order is placed online via website or mobile app

Manage your menu across all channels to accept orders from your mobile app, website and popular marketplaces.

Order is received by your restaurant POS system

Ensure all your orders are captured by your cloud-based POS for a single view of transactions and customer interactions.

Order is sent to your kitchen display system

Send orders directly to your kitchen for preparation. Set business logic and decision rules to ensure freshness and promise times.

Customer receives updates via mobile app, text, or email

Keep customers and staff informed on order status. Use location technology for smart pickup and customer satisfaction.

Outback Steakhouse Delivers

A Full-Service Restaurant Optimized for Online Ordering, Curbside Pickup, and Delivery with Oracle Simphony Point of Sale for Restaurants

With a target of 15 minutes to get orders ready, this system ensures our delivery deadlines are met. We deliver accurately, on time, still piping hot, and our customer satisfaction has never been better.”

Mike Palmer Operating Partner, Outback Steakhouse Australia.

Online Ordering Strategy of All Sizes

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