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Base Database Service Features

Converged Database

Support for multiple data types, data models, and development styles enables organizations to use Base Database Service for virtually any database workload. It reduces the management complexity and fragmented security that can come with using multiple single-purpose database services.

Flexible pricing model

Pay-as-you-go pricing or the ability to bring-your-own license for Oracle Database and options protects existing investments.

DevOps support

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) developer services and tools automate the software development lifecycle, infrastructure operations, observability, and messaging for developers. Developers can use CI/CD to build and deploy pipelines to make DevOps a reality in their organizations.

Lifecycle automation

Automating database lifecycle management simplifies operating and securing Oracle Database in the cloud while still providing control over the environment.

High availability

Enable a proven Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture database service across two OCI fault domains using Oracle RAC with Enterprise Edition. Increase business continuity with Active Data Guard and OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery service.

Advanced functionality

Includes Oracle Database innovations, such as IoT, blockchain, Machine Learning, Spatial, and Graph capabilities.

Built-in security

OCI security, always-on Transparent Data Encryption and Oracle Data Safe helps protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Low-code development

The Oracle APEX low-code development environment allows developers to create new, modern applications and extend existing ones with minimal effort.

100% compatibility

Full compatibility with on-premises Oracle Databases make it easy to move workloads to the cloud and leverage existing administration and development expertise. Automated solutions and services offer Zero Downtime Migration to simplify your database migration.