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Access Management

Access Management delivers risk-aware, end-to-end multifactor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) that seamlessly integrate identities and systems across cloud and on-premises. Enhanced with microservices and available to deploy as an image in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or in on-premises data centers, organizations gain flexibility to control access for existing enterprise platforms and support their migration to cloud. Organizations can ensure these policies follow the user regardless of the device and location to secure access to data anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Modernizing Identity and Access Management with Oracle (1:33)

Product tour: Oracle Access Management

See Oracle Access Management in action with a quick, self-guided tour.

Identity and Access Management downloads

Download the latest version of Oracle Access Management 12c.

Transition from Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) 11g to 12c.

Strengthen security and risk posture and gain the full potential of identity management across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid models. Accelerate and streamline the upgrade to IAM 12c with a top-down approach using the Oracle IAM Upgrade Factory.

Access Management features

Simplified access policies that follow the user

Deliver seamless user enterprise access control across cloud and on-premises from any device. Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies access to minimize the requirements for the user, while enabling consistent access security.

Authentication that goes beyond passwords

Secure legacy and modern applications with multifactor authentication (MFA) and multiple methods, including SMS, email, TOTP, YubiKey, and FIDO2.0. Simplify administration with self-service management and MFA policy configuration using Admin UI and REST APIs.

Modern multifactor authentication for a secure workforce

Oracle RADIUS Agent secures RADIUS-enabled clients such as databases, VPN, or SSH. Protects business-critical information against increasing security threats, especially with the shift to more flexible work environments. RADIUS Agent uses a microservice architecture that can be deployed standalone on-premises or in the cloud with out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Access Management and Oracle Advanced Authentication. When paired with Oracle Advanced Authentication, organizations can authenticate using MFA through modern methods including SMS, email, TOTP, YubiKey, and FIDO2.

Detect and control high-risk user activity, remediate with confidence

Adaptive authentication reduces risk by increasing login requirements for users based on device, location, and behavior when access is deemed high-risk. These context-aware policies and authorization capabilities address security threats to business-critical data.

Pursue a zero-trust strategy

Enforce a zero-trust approach to security across heterogeneous systems and in the cloud by minimizing authentication and password challenges with single sign-on (SSO), adaptive authentication, and identity federation services. Achieve seamless SSO across channels with open standards, including AML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

Access management for on-premises or the cloud

Easily scale up and down using Open Application Model (OAM) with Docker/Kubernetes images to rapidly deploy instances of Oracle Access Management on-premises or in the cloud. Supported by high availability, failover and extensive global data center support, organizations can focus on their broader organizational needs with full confidence in the resiliency of their access management solution.

Deel uw feedback

We horen graag van u! Ondersteun IT-beslissers door uw feedback te geven over Oracle Identity and Access Management-oplossingen. Uw feedback is uiterst waardevol voor de toekomst van Oracle IAM. We zouden het fijn vinden als u 15 minuten wilt vrijmaken om een anonieme Gartner Peer Insights Review in te vullen.

Oracle is een sterke partner en pleitbezorger voor ons als klant. Hun IDCS-oplossing biedt een betrouwbaar, schaalbaar en prestatiegericht IAM-platform.

Programmaleider, detailhandel

De Gartner Peer Insights beoordelingen weerspiegelen de subjectieve meningen van de individuele eindgebruikers op basis van hun eigen ervaringen en vertegenwoordigen niet de mening van Gartner of haar gelieerde ondernemingen.

Oracle Access Management customer successes

Customers in a wide range of industries rely on Oracle Access Management to secure access to their business-critical information.

Docomo Systems
Spar Osterreich-Gruppe
Seneca College
University of Colorado Denver
Seneca logo

Seneca College seamlessly and securely manages more than 360,000 user identities while reducing IT complexity.

May 20, 2021

General Availability of 12cPS4 April Bundle Patches and New Microservices

Eleanor Meritt, Senior Vice President, Oracle Identity and Access Management Development

Eleanor Meritt, senior vice president of Oracle Identity and Access Management Development, announces the release of 12cPS4 bundle patches and three new microservices. Learn more about these new microservices and feature enhancements, and how they help optimize the performance of existing Identity and Access Management deployments.

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