Actionable Insight

Actionable Insight

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Forecasting

Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics—powered by machine learning, robotics, process optimization, and automation—drive predictive knowledge systems that enable a new era of foresight in business.

Learn how these intelligent systems gather actionable insights from data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes to help businesses operate more efficiently.

  • See how end users who have no prior analytics training use self-service tools to access advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Learn how business intelligence can deliver contextual, relevant, and actionable insight to everyone in an organization, resulting in better-informed decisions.
  • Use data visualization dashboards to forecast trends, spot correlations, and uncover data patterns.

Attend these sessions to see how actionable insights—analytics, business intelligence, and forecasting—can help you build an intelligent business today.


Featured Sessions

  • How Autonomous Analytics Is Improving Your World

    Consumers of analytics are in for big changes; we’re at the early stages of the next big wave of innovation: autonomous analytics. What once required hand-crafted efforts and specialized skills (and limited who used the information) is significantly augmented with recommendations, predictions, natural language, and new insights—all to leapfrog the status quo. The result: greater productivity, smarter decisions, and faster time to action for business, and lower cost, nimbler innovation, and reduced support for IT. In this session learn about innovations brought about by autonomous analytics, what customers are doing now, and what changes you should expect in the future. Attend this session to learn more.

    Rich Clayton, Oracle
    Waqar Hasan, Oracle

  • A Comprehensive Tour of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud

    Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of analytic capabilities to address requirements from the line of business user to the workgroup to the enterprise. The suite supports use cases such as self-service data analysis, data preparation, scenario building, data collaboration, innovative mobile and enterprise business intelligence for all industries. Learn how everyone in your organization can benefit from Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud today, how customers have been successful using these capabilities, and what’s in store for the future. Attend this session to learn more.

    Jagdish Pamnani, Oracle

  • Customer Panel: Innovation in Analytics

    Three Oracle Analytics Cloud customers will discuss how analtyics have changed the way they run their businesses. From the simple to the sophisticated, hear how these organizations embraced the power of data to transform their operations. Attend this session to learn more.

    Jagdish Pamnani, Oracle

  • The Power of BI Visualization and How to Integrate with Oracle Analytics Cloud

    Get instant clarity to improve your business with stunning visual analysis and self-service discovery. Any data, any time, anywhere, easy-to-import to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Data visualization describes the presentation of abstract information in graphical form. Data visualization allows us to spot patterns, trends, and correlations that otherwise might go unnoticed in traditional reports, tables, or spreadsheets. Attend this session to learn more.

    Moustafa Morssy, Oracle

  • Reimagining Analytics: Self-Service, AI, and Machine Learning

    FedEx is on a transformative journey to modernize its financial center of excellence using latest cloud-based analytics tools. These tools simultaneously provide self-service data discovery, predictive analytics, and data visualization capabilities for immediate value to the business. In addition, modern analytics capabilities include mobile analytics, natural language processing, AI, and machine learning—all natively enabled without requiring any additional installation and configuration. This has enabled FedEx to not only modernize its analytics platform but also rationalize and consolidate various tools, queries, and applications (procured or built, and implemented in silos) into a single platform. Attend this session to learn more.

    Elangovan Loganathan, FedEx
    Justin Baker, Oracle
    Zoher Neemuchwala, Oracle

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