September 21–24, 2020

    Las Vegas

Corporate Citizenship

Meet the Innovators of Tomorrow

Behind these technology breakthroughs are young minds ready to make their mark on the world. Oracle Education Foundation helps these young innovators develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems.

Join us in the Lower Lobby of Moscone South, where students from Design Tech High School showcase the innovative prototypes that they built in Oracle Education Foundation classes. From an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that automates emergency preparedness at schools, to a chatbot that inspires users to experience and save the California redwoods, you’ll see these and other prototypes in action.

You’ll also learn about the Foundation’s mission to reinvent education—and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

The future starts here.

Here are some of the student prototypes you’ll get to experience at Oracle OpenWorld


Project 1: Branch


Project 2: Haptic Directions


Project 3: Pitchimo


Project 4: Hard Choices


Project 5: Journey of a Cancer Cell


Project 6: Auto Flöte Clean


Project 7: Redd the Travel Bot


Project 8: B.R.E.A.D. Robotics

Emergency automation for schools

Running a school requires being prepared for anything—including emergencies. Branch automates emergency response protocols, classroom controls, facilities management, and student information services for educational institutions. With an easy-to-use dashboard, this seamless IoT solution brings peace of mind to students, parents, and educators, and allows teachers and students to focus their time on their primary task—learning. Safety starts here.

Navigate and see the world

Navigating a new area can be challenging, even for a skillful urban explorer. Don’t miss the world around you while staring at a map on your phone. Avoid trips and falls, collisions with other pedestrians, obstacles, and even vehicles. Haptic Directions is a lightweight device that gives you turn-by-turn directions using vibrations. It allows sighted users to look at the world instead of the phone and is helpful to visually impaired users as well. Endless possibility starts here. (Haptic: The use of technology that stimulates the senses of touch and motion.)

Strike out pitching injuries

Each year, thousands of baseball players suffer preventable repetitive motion injuries caused by overhand throwing. These injuries can lead to painful surgery, rehab, and loss of playing time. Pitchimo is a smart compression sleeve that alerts players and trainers to potential problems before injury occurs. With Pitchimo, muscle sensors monitor fatigue and an inertial measurement unit monitors body mechanics and the force of throws. Pitchimo was developed in consultation with the San Francisco Giants training staff.

Building empathy to end homelessness

Housing insecurity and homelessness are major problems and misconceptions about their causes and solutions are common. Hard Choices is an educational game that puts the player in the shoes of an economically vulnerable member of our community. Players make realistic hard choices, contend with life-altering probabilities, and learn how easy it is to become homeless. The game’s intent is to turn players into advocates for the structural and systemic supports needed to end homelessness. Hard Choices was developed in consultation with LifeMoves, a nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of homelessness in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Compassion starts here.

Educating children about cancer through games

Cancer is a scary diagnosis, especially for children who may not fully understand the causes, prognoses, and treatments. Journey of a Cancer Cell is an educational game for children that follows a cancerous cell as it develops and travels through the human body. Throughout the game, information about cancer is presented in child-friendly ways. Additional mini-games deepen the player’s understanding of cancer. The games’ intent is to make cancer at least a little bit less scary through understanding. Journey of a Cancer Cell was developed in consultation with Bay Area Cancer Connections and Stanford Medicine. Understanding starts here.

Making flute cleaning easy and fun

Flutists take note! Proper maintenance increases an instrument’s lifespan and preserves sound quality. Although it is a chore many flutists despise, cleaning wind instruments is especially important because spit can corrode them and, without routine sanitization, bacteria and mold can build up inside and cause infection. Auto Flöte Clean is a quartet of machines that makes cleaning your flute easy and fun. Made from 3D printed components, plus Arduino hardware and programming, Auto Flöte Clean leaves each part of a flute hygienic and shiny. Clean starts here.

Experience California’s redwoods, save California’s redwoods

The California redwoods are the tallest trees on Earth. They form communities, intertwining their roots together, and providing each other with strength. They also provide refuge for countless forest species and safeguard clear waters. They are marvels. And they are endangered. To see them is to care about them and want to protect them. Redd is a chat bot built on Oracle Digital Assistant that helps people plan trips to California's redwood forests and learn about these “super trees.” Redd was developed in consultation with Save the Redwoods League. Conservation starts here.

Building a robot from scratch

Ready for a challenge? Breakthrough Robotics Engineering and Design (BREAD), the Design Tech High School robotics team, sponsored by Oracle, presents its FIRST Robotics Competition robot. Each year in early January, FIRST Robotics announces a new challenge. Teams have just six weeks to build a 2’-3’ square robot from scratch that meets all the criteria. Game-changers start here.