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Green at Oracle OpenWorld



Oracle is committed to producing events that:

  • Promote zero waste. Since 2009 Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco has diverted 1,066 tons of solid waste from landfill, enough to fill 76 garbage trucks. Diversion from landfill is up 13 percent over 2009 and amount sent to the landfill per person has dropped 8 percent since 2012.
  • Model carbon reduction and responsibility for corporate events. Onsite carbon emissions have dropped by 27 percent since 2011. 100 percent of these emissions are offset by Oracle. Thank you to attendees who also choose to offset their travel footprint. In 2013 you offset over 6,931 MT of carbon emissions.
  • Catalyze legacies to benefit host destinations. In 2013, 33,297 pounds of donations—including food, guest room amenities, and re-usable office and exhibit items, among other items—were redistributed to 19 charitable groups in San Francisco.
  • Inspire attendees through engaging sustainability experiences. 17 Eco-Enterprise Innovation Awards were presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, celebrating companies and partners who have reduced their footprint and costs through green business practices and Oracle technology.

For more information on our progress toward these goals,

What Oracle is Doing

While Oracle operates our own business and events such as Oracle OpenWorld according to environmental best practices, we also use our own sustainability products, achieving significant benefits to our bottom line. You can learn about many of these products and the customers that use them by attending these OpenWorld sessions.

Green Initiatives Around the World

  • Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne events in Asia and Latin America have dedicated green initiatives.
  • Since June 2012 more than 150 Oracle event planners worldwide have been actively reducing the environmental impact of more than 2,300 of our smaller events.
  • Global Green Event Program Update 2014 (PDF)

What You Can Do

Although we’re working hard to make more sustainable choices, it’s your help that will continue to help us improve our success rates.

Consider these ways you can:





  • Use a waste station. Ask the Green Team for help. And please don't put your drink container in your compostable lunch box.—recycle it.
  • Reuse your water bottle. It takes 1.39 liters of water to produce one liter of finished bottled water.
  • Take only what you need, and ask for digital options. Check out the virtual collateral rack for a wealth of downloads from the event!
  • Walk and use mass transit. Each trip taken by BART avoids 10 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Choose a carbon-conscious lunch. We're proud to offer a vegetarian choice each day featuring the best produce the Bay Area has to offer.
  • Offset your travel. Your contribution of $10 to our carbon offset program when you register supports renewable energy alternatives.
  • Don't want your attendee materials? Ask our registration staff to designate them for donation.
  • Get a taste of San Francisco's local shops and restaurants while you're in the city.
  • Participate! Opt into a green program at your hotel, try out the San Francisco bike share, attend a sustainability-oriented session, or ask an Eco-Enterprise Award winner about their accomplishments.
  • Give us your feedback. Please complete your event evaluation.
  • Share a moment. Take a photo of your random act of green and pass it on via social media (tweet to #OOW). You may find "green" is contagious.