Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Keynotes

Speaker Lineup

Oracle executives and customers share insights about the state of technology: from cloud and customer experience to big data and engineered systems—everything for the modern enterprise now and in the future.

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Sunday, September 28

5:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

Moscone North, Hall D

Opening Keynote

Larry Ellison
Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle

The future of the datacenter in a software defined world

The fact is that the world will not entirely transition to public cloud. Enterprises will continue to insist on choice and, depending upon performance, security, cost and other criteria, many will demand more than the public cloud providers can deliver. They want options. Intel and Oracle are working very closely together to deliver complete solutions for private cloud that offer compelling value, in many cases exceeding that of the public cloud. This presentation will outline the needs of the private cloud market, as well as Intel and Oracle's joint strategy to deliver winning solutions. Intel and Oracle are delivering innovation into this market that neither could independently—one more example of what two great companies with long histories of changing the enterprise compute landscape can accomplish when they work together.

Monday, September 29

8:30 a.m.–9:45 a.m.

Moscone North, Hall D

The Business Value of the Cloud

Oracle Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd will kick off the first full day of Oracle OpenWorld with a discussion addressing how winning companies are embracing technology, including cloud, engineered systems, and analytics, to reduce cost and complexity and create an effective modern enterprise that delivers great experiences to both employees and customers. Executives from dunnhumby, Pearson, Procter & Gamble, Walgreens, Xerox, and other leading companies will join the conversation to share their success stories.

Tuesday, September 30

8:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m.

Moscone North, Hall D

Cloud Services for the Modern Enterprise

The cloud changes everything and gives business leaders an opportunity to change how they consume new technologies. From world-class Infrastructure to run business critical systems; to a PaaS built from the world's leading technology platform; and the world's most modern, fastest growing, and best integrated SaaS Suite, Oracle's Cloud solutions can transform your business into a hub of innovation and growth.

Leading Digital Transformation Now—No Matter What Business You're In

If you think the phrase "digital transformation" is Silicon Valley hype or only relevant for other industries like tech, software,or media—think again. In fact, mobile, analytics, social media, sensors, and cloud computing have already fundamentally changed the entire business landscape as we know it—including your own industry. The problem is that most accounts of digital business transformation focus on start-ups and tech companies. But what about the other 90-plus percent of the economy?

In this keynote session, Dr. Didier Bonnet, Capgemini Consulting's global head of digital transformation and coauthor (with MIT's George Westerman and Andrew McAfee) of the upcoming book Leading Digital, will highlight how large companies in traditional industries—from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals—are using digital to gain strategic advantage. Bonnet will also highlight the principles and practices that lead to successful digital transformation based on a two-part framework: where to invest in digital capabilities, and how to lead the transformation. This session is a must-attend if you want to help your organization survive and thrive in the new, digitally powered, global economy.

1:30 p.m.–3:15 p.m.

Moscone North, Hall D

Chairman's Keynote

Larry Ellison
Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, Oracle

Reshaping the World with Software

Every single industry and walk of life is being fundamentally transformed by software. This is enabling new and unprecedented experiences. It is also empowering ordinary people to take charge of their environment and their destiny. This digital revolution has already enabled each of us to perceive, appreciate, and connect with the world around us in ways we could have never imagined even a few years ago. And yet, we have barely scratched the surface. This transformation—from atoms to bits—will continue to grow and create exciting new avenues for people and businesses to engage in meaningful ways, and to thrive.

This keynote will touch upon the business imperatives that the ongoing digital transformation creates for solution providers like Infosys, and indeed, for every other company and industry on the planet. All companies will need to leverage software to renew the core of their business, inject new kinds of innovations that create new sources of business value, and, in the process, improve and elevate the lives of ordinary human beings. Dr. Sikka will share some of his ideas on the technological and commercial anchors around which service and solution platforms of the future will need to operate to succeed within this new reality.

Wednesday, October 1

8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m.

Moscone North, Hall D

The Real Time Enterprise

John Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Oracle, will discuss how real-time enterprises, fully enabled by the latest cloud, database, and high-performance engineered systems technology, can achieve a continuous real-time view of customers, always-reconciled financials, deep instant analytics, and always-ready services for mobile and numerous other innovations.