September 21–24, 2020

    Las Vegas


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Max Out Your Move

You know that moving to the cloud is more than just a technology change. It presents a unique opportunity to accelerate your business. Join us and explore how to reduce your cost of operations, innovate with emerging technologies, and get real-time insights by leveraging big data and analytics. It’s all here.

  • Develop strategies for moving your business-critical applications
  • Assess your environment and tailor a roadmap to the cloud
  • Explore migration options to select the right path for your business
  • Discover best practices, lessons learned, and frameworks from your peers
  • Automate your move to the cloud in a scalable and reliable way

Build Smarter, Faster, and Better in the Cloud

Developing applications in the cloud has never been easier or more rewarding. Join us and explore the scalability, flexibility, security, and capabilities you gain by building cloud applications. Whatever you’re building—from digital assistants to chatbots to microservices—you’ll get the information you need to propel your cloud application development to the next level.

  • Discover how to easily and efficiently create and deploy applications
  • Learn how to build a chatbot in less than 20 minutes
  • Understand how to choose the right data architecture for your application needs
  • Get the latest on new cloud offerings, tools, and capabilities to help you build applications that connect, empower, and delight users

Propel Your Innovation to New Heights in the Cloud

Your cloud journey doesn’t end once you’re in the cloud—in fact, it’s just the beginning. Join us to find out how to extend your cloud capabilities and accelerate the pace of your innovation, resulting in greater benefits to you and your customers.

  • Find out how to accelerate innovation with new tools and services
  • Hear firsthand accounts of how your peers are innovating in the cloud
  • Take a deep dive into optimizing your cloud presence
  • Get a glimpse into the future of innovation in the cloud with cutting-edge technologies

Tune Up Your Environment for Peak Performance

Whatever your environment, you can optimize it to run like a well-tuned machine. Come learn how to create the optimal path to the cloud, even if you’re not yet ready for a complete leap to the cloud or you want to enjoy the best of both worlds. With the right optimizations, your cloud and on-premises solutions can work at peak performance on their own or in harmony, to deliver superior results today and prepare you for tomorrow.

  • Deepen your understanding of the benefits of blending cloud and on-premises capabilities
  • Learn how to tailor applications to your specific needs
  • Find out how to extend the value of your investments, wherever they are
  • Get expert advice on achieving seamless integrations and continuous application availability

Be Proactive: Secure Your Environment Against Ever—Changing Threats

Today’s bad actors are smart—and well-funded. You’ve got to be more vigilant than ever to protect and secure your environment. Join us and explore the latest security tools and techniques, from database controls to intrusion detection to security perimeters. Proactively create and maintain robust security processes and infrastructures and gain the confidence of end-to-end protection.

  • Learn how to identify your security weak spots
  • Explore security and compliance best practices
  • Find out how to use advanced software tools to harden your enterprise against hackers
  • Get expert information on securing your databases, applications, and environments

Extend the Value of Your Data with Robust Analytics

Today you have access to an ever-increasing flood of data. Now you need to avoid drowning and use that data to sail past your competitors. A wave of new tools are being delivered to help you make the best use of that data with robust analytics to serve your customers and grow your business. Learn about the latest developments and benefit from the experience of your peers and the technology experts who’ve been there.

  • Learn what’s new in database development and management
  • Find out if an autonomous database is right for your business
  • Hear how customers are getting more value from their data platforms
  • Get tips on starting your next data analysis project

By Role

Know More, Do More

As the bridge between business problems and technical solutions, you need to understand both worlds. The latest trends. The most powerful technologies. From automation to planning, dashboards to data discovery, join us as we explore the latest tools and strategies to drive competitive advantage. It’s all here.

  • Explore self-service solutions that speed access to the data you need
  • Learn how automation can not only speed operations but also improve quality
  • Explore options to connect planning processes across the enterprise
  • Get practical tips and best practices from experts on the latest solutions
  • Connect with and get advice from fellow business analysts

Build Your Business Case

You know that moving to the cloud brings focus, speed, and agility to your business. From product development to sales, and supply chain to finance, you get superior results today while preparing strategically for tomorrow. Join us and explore what you need to drive success across the enterprise. It’s all here.

  • Explore migration options to determine the right path for your business
  • Examine real-world cloud migration successes and failures from your peers
  • Keep pace with the changes today’s employees and customers demand
  • Determine which emerging technologies are best suited to your organization
  • Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and AI can radically transform your operations
  • Create impactful and memorable customer experiences across touchpoints

Define Your Future

Which processes, applications, and systems do you need today? Which do you need for tomorrow? Whatever your focus, from sales to data privacy, insights into the latest features and best practices can set you apart from the crowd. Join us as we explore how to move your business ahead—and keep you there.

  • Get practical advice on how to get the most out of cloud applications and tools
  • Hear from other businesses about the cloud solutions that are driving them forward
  • Problem-solve service challenges you’ve been struggling with
  • Explore the latest solutions for boosting efficiency and improving the bottom line
  • Get insider tips from your peers and product experts to help you overcome your business challenges

Dive Deeper Into Data

Data is the key that unlocks insights and innovation. But what about accessing, analyzing, automating, and visualizing data in the age of AI and machine learning? That’s an ongoing challenge that requires constant exploration and education. Join us as we uncover and examine the latest tools for getting more out of your data.

  • Explore ease of use project-based workflows, and other features that help data scientists be more productive
  • Get targeted advice on how to maximize business value with data from emerging technologies AI and machine learning
  • Connect with other data scientists and get insider tips on how to overcome your business challenges

Build a Better Database

For database administrators, the three Ms—manage, monitor, and maintain—are a constant challenge. It’s not about doing them. It’s about doing them right. And for that, you need to know about the latest tools, features, and processes. Join us for in-depth explorations of hot topics, so you can head back to work with practical solutions to take your business to the next level.

  • Discover new techniques and tools to accelerate database performance and efficiency
  • Learn how customers are using the self-securing Oracle Autonomous Database to mitigate insider and external threats with default encryption, self-patching, and powerful privileged user controls
  • Explore cloud migration methods, standards, and best practices
  • Join discussions on the latest database architectures and tools
  • Interact with peers and experts to get practical tips and best practices

Develop Better, Deploy Faster

The clock is ticking. Do you have the right platform? The latest tools? The best technologies to address your challenges? To quickly sift through all the alternatives, you need straight talk from on-the-ground experts who have been there and done that. Join us as we explore the options that can make the difference between dead-end projects and business-disrupting innovations.

  • Explore new ways to deploy applications using cutting-edge features and automations
  • Get insights into the latest cloud native application development techniques
  • Learn best practices for configuring and deploying applications in the cloud
  • Find out how to build and deploy microservices applications
  • Get the latest strategies for better, faster deployments

Rev Up DevOps

You know what you’re looking for: The latest, most powerful dev tools, the right platforms, best practices, and advanced tools to help meet customer demands. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the solutions and strategies for DevOps environments and explore what’s next.

  • Explore ways to accelerate innovation with the latest services, tools, and automation
  • Learn how analytics and machine learning can improve your DevOps operations
  • Hear about the latest Agile development methods
  • View demos of the latest tools and processes for optimizing your environment

Fortify Your Defenses

The question is not whether you can keep up with your security needs. The question is what you’re doing right now to stay one—or more—steps ahead. From next-gen firewalls to transparent encryption keys, you need tools and techniques to get in front of evolving threats. Join us as we explore the latest security solutions and techniques that can make your business more secure, now and into the future.

  • Get on-the-ground lessons on building cloud-scale cybersecurity solutions
  • Learn from real-world use cases and deployment scenarios
  • Explore best practices for securely monitoring and managing cloud environments
  • Find out how AI and machine learning can help you combat emerging threats
  • Interact with peers and experts to learn about the latest security features and best practices

Design for the Future

Decisions, decisions. To architect solutions that will prepare your business for the future, you need to make highly informed decisions. A lot of them. Join us for sessions and discussions that go both broad and deep, so you can explore your many options and decide which tools and technologies will deliver a competitive advantage.

  • Dig deep into the latest cloud solutions, including new features and best practices
  • Examine advanced security solutions that offer new ways to protect your environment
  • Learn from expert panels as they discuss specific use cases and war stories
  • Engage with experts about the latest Oracle cloud offerings and best practices
  • Pick up tips and tricks from your fellow solution architects

Up Your Game

New products, enhanced features, automated processes. The innovations keep coming, making it essential that you stay up to speed on all the latest options for your business. Join us to explore new and better ways to manage your IT ecosystem. It all starts here.

  • Explore best practices for managing and monitoring security in the cloud
  • Attend how-to sessions on provisioning, setting up machine learning, troubleshooting, moving to an autonomous database, and more
  • Hear about your peers’ real-world cloud migration successes and failures
  • Determine which emerging technologies are best suited to your organization
  • Get insights into Oracle application roadmaps, so you’re ready for what’s next

Products A–Z

Become the Expert

Can you feel it? Evocative technologies are driving seismic change into every corner of business. But there’s no need to worry—our content calendar covers all of the latest technologies and solutions. Take your time and dive deep into the topics that mean the most to you.

  • Explore the latest innovations with blockchain, robotics, AI, and virtual reality (VR)—and the new opportunities they offer.
  • Understand the impact of autonomous systems on your business—and how they bring convenience and efficiency to your organization.
  • Harness a wealth of untapped knowledge through intelligent systems—and make smarter, more strategic decisions.
  • View technology that spans the entire customer lifecycle—and gain a single view of your customer across channels and touchpoints.