Oracle AI for the Workplace

Oracle offers a collection of traditional and generative AI capabilities for employees that can help you complete tasks in less time, make better decisions, enhance employee experiences, and streamline HR processes, such as hiring, talent management, career development, and service delivery, while protecting sensitive and proprietary information.

Learn how new generative AI capabilities can enhance the way your people work

Explore AI capabilities for the workplace

Job posting creation

Leverage generative AI to help create engaging job descriptions that convey a position's requirements and success criteria.

Tailored career pages

Build career pages based on job categories to deliver tailored candidate experiences.

Company highlights

Use generative AI to help create concise summaries of company information and long-form content on hiring topics such as benefits, the workplace environment, and company culture.

Candidate summary

Use generative AI to produce a concise summary that describes a candidate’s best-fit capabilities and attributes for a position.

Candidate score

Present candidates a score with comparative details on multiple criteria, such as skills, job history, and education, to help them understand how well they fit a job.

Candidate support

Give candidates generative AI–powered answers to questions about the company, hiring department, benefits, and job requirements.

Skills management

Use AI to help keep your organization’s skills inventory current, identify gaps, and support your talent planning decisions.

Skills recommendations

AI can offer new skill recommendations to help employees grow and develop their careers.

Growth opportunities

Give each employee AI-recommended growth and learning opportunities that automatically adapt to changes in their role and the business.

Career paths

Help employees understand their career growth possibilities by making it easy for them to discover different career options and AI-recommended roles.

Job descriptions

Leverage generative AI to draft job and position descriptions to help motivate employees to explore career opportunities.

Goal setting

Give employees a generative AI assistant that suggests goal descriptions and measures for success for individual and team goals.

Performance summary

Create a performance review summary by analyzing multiple data sources to help uplift performance conversations.

Peer recognition

Draft comments that acknowledge an employee’s success in a style that aligns with your company’s culture.

Performance feedback

Use generative AI to draft feedback comments to help improve employee performance and engagement.

Embedded prompts

Help improve results, accuracy, and reliability with built-in generative AI prompts.

Personalized guidance

Use generative AI to give employees contextual support to help guide them through transactions and process flows.

Conversational AI support

Enable employees to get answers and complete workflows by conversing with an AI-powered digital assistant.

Intuitive knowledgebase

Give workers access to a knowledgebase with AI-powered search to help resolve routine inquiries.

Knowledge management

Leverage generative AI to create knowledgebase articles to answer frequently asked questions in less time and with less effort.

Guided journeys

Innovate and expand experiences using a large language model (LLM) to help improve workforce performance.

Give employees generative AI assistance to boost productivity

Learn how generative AI in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM can guide employees through workflows to help improve workforce performance.

Oracle AI for Fusion Applications

Learn about the Oracle AI advantage for Fusion Applications.

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