Oracle ME employee experience platform

Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, Oracle ME (my experience), is the only complete employee experience platform that empowers your talent to connect, grow, and thrive. With a full understanding of the needs, aspirations, and the "me" behind every worker, you can design experiences that bring out the best in every person.

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Drive peer-to-peer recognition and cultural change with Oracle Celebrate

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Own your audience

Control the audience, content, and timing of every message without relying on other teams.

Drive behavior

Send targeted communications based on employee attributes managed in Oracle Cloud HCM.

Know your impact

Track and analyze who reads, responds to, and acts on communications.

Personalize journeys with guided workflows

Deliver personalized, contextual guidance tailored to each employee's unique background and circumstances.

Build new journeys

Build upon more than 30 journey templates, and create new journeys to support changing business needs.

Extend journeys

Build personalized guidance for employees across the enterprise, all without IT assistance.

Learning experience platform

Deliver AI-recommended growth opportunities that adapt to changes in an individual’s interests, their role, and the business.

Career management and mobility

Let AI technology help workers visualize career growth possibilities by discovering different career roles and paths.

Business-led upskilling

Help leaders quickly create detailed role guides for critical positions with AI-suggested skills, tasks, and resources.

Direct listening

Capture employee voice through regular quick pulse surveys.

Engagement analysis

Provide real-time insights into employee sentiment and engagement activity.

Continuous engagement

Encourage workers and managers to remain engaged through in-the-moment feedback, recognition, and regular check-ins.

Quick program setup

Create compelling recognition programs that promote your organization’s cultural values.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Drive better adoption by incorporating peer-to-peer recognition naturally in the flow of work.

Real-time engagement data

Visualize the business impact of recognition programs and identify trends with connected data in a single cloud native HCM solution.

Easily connect with others

Help workers quickly find and connect with others who have specific skills, interests, or experiences.

Engage and build relationships

Enable workers to share personal interests and create connections and community, increasing opportunities for inclusion and belonging.

Build your network

Allow workers to promote their personal brand by highlighting their skills, accomplishments, and career experience.

HR service delivery

Provide a complete HR service delivery solution that’s unified with HCM, removing the need for third-party integrations.

Service request analytics

Resolve issues proactively with insight into recurring employee relations or service cases.

Data privacy

Protect sensitive data with a help desk solution that’s safeguarded by the same security model used across all Oracle Cloud products.

Contextual support

Enable employees to get answers and complete workflows by conversing with an AI-powered digital assistant.

AI recommendations

Automate repetitive tasks by engaging with the digital assistant to quickly complete approvals and promotion workflows.

Extensible platform

Build upon more than 90 prebuilt, AI-powered transactions, and easily add your own questions and answers.

Deliver personalized experiences and empathy at scale

A personalized employee experience shouldn’t be a luxury. Learn how to deliver the proactive listening, contextual guidance, and personalized communication your workforce needs and deserves in this playbook from Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen.

Announcing Oracle's newest innovation to the Oracle ME employee platform.

Key benefits of Oracle ME employee experience

Empower every person to connect, grow, and thrive

Deliver meaningful experiences based on a deep understanding of each individual within their flow of work.

Communicate with clarity

Create communications to reach specific employee groups and drive behaviors that matter to your organization.

Guide with personalized workflows

Make it easy for employees to navigate professional and personal milestones with personalized, step-by-step guidance.

Drive organizational agility

Deliver an employee growth and business leader upskilling solution that connects all talent information across a comprehensive HCM suite.

Listen, learn, and act—every day

Foster engagement by giving employees and managers the tools to continuously capture, track, and act on employee sentiment.

Recognize your peers when and where it matters most

Enable peer-to-peer recognition and rewards to help employees feel valued for their contributions, improve engagement, and drive cultural values.

Nurture connection and belonging

Enable employees to find and connect with others across the organization, providing opportunities for inclusion and belonging.

Support every interaction

Deliver quick, consistent, and intelligent HR services to every employee, whenever they need them, with a unified service request management solution.

Make knowledge and tasks easy to access

Provide a conversational AI digital assistant that gets employees immediate answers to questions and helps them easily complete transactions.

See how Oracle ME delivers employee experiences to bring out the best in every person.

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