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Oracle’s technical case studies dive deeper into real-world customer deployments. Discover how OCI is helping customers successfully deliver 24/7 operations using geographically distributed architectures, elastic scaling, and optimally secure applications. OCI engineering works with customers to move from idea to execution rapidly, defining the implementation path, and introducing techniques and best practices to accelerate customer deployment.

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Featured OCI technical case studies

PRIO logo
PRIO Energy connects their multicloud EV charging network faster with OCI integration services

PRIO Energy is an electric energy provider. Looking to modernize its ERP system, PRIO turned to Oracle for its cloud-based automation platform. PRIO leveraged OCI Application Integration to deliver a multicloud application network solution that connected fueling stations with its ERP system. As a result, PRIO provided visibility into all transactions and offered a secure way to manage its multicloud integrations.

3i-Infotech logo
3i-Infotech serves a growing distributed workforce with virtual desktops on OCI

3i-Infotech, a Mumbai-based IT company, needed a reliable cloud partner to help bring its virtual desktop platform to market. 3i-Infotech selected OCI for its ability to provide low latency, high availability, and robust security. With its platform on OCI, 3i-Infotech’s customers can share files safely, use any device on any network, and disseminate information using secure edge devices.

Star CRM logo
Star CRM moves to OCI, improving developer productivity by 40%

Star CRM is a Singapore-based provider of CRM software. The company previously faced challenges around database management, performance, and licensing complexity. After migrating its systems to OCI, Star CRM reports 40% productivity gains, 30% overall cost reductions, and 50% savings on licensing costs.

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Technical case studies highlight the customer’s goals and the breadth and depth of their technical solution on OCI. Each technical case study features all applicable OCI products used, the customer’s cloud migration path, OCI solution architecture, and the results of their cloud transformation.

Oracle Red Bull Racing runs more than 1 billion race strategy simulations on OCI

The UK-based Formula One team needed a platform that could simulate billions of potential outcomes related to variables, such as weather conditions, pit stop times, and race crashes. During 2021, Oracle Red Bull Racing migrated their strategy systems from their preexisting infrastructure to OCI.

Now, the team models its racing strategies by using the following OCI products:

By running their Monte Carlo simulations on OCI, Oracle Red Bull Racing achieved the following results:

  • Increased the number of simulations by 25%
  • Improved the accuracy and speed of their predictions
  • Accelerated simulation processing speeds by containerizing their simulation application
  • Reduced overall infrastructure costs

The team’s 2022 season will further expand the use of OCI across its most significant area of operation including analytics-based race strategy and improving fan engagement.

The Oracle Red Bull Racing diagram

IFFCO modernizes its IT estate with OCI, helping shape the future of agriculture in India

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO) is the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of fertilizers in the cooperative sector. IFFCO has worked with Oracle for more than two decades on their business-critical applications and databases. Most recently, IFFCO needed all of its systems, consisting of more than 100 applications, to be highly available. IFFCO partnered with Oracle to modernize their IT estate and provide maximized technological benefits to all stakeholders.

IFFCO uses the following OCI features, services, and tools:

IFFCO’s migration resulted in the following achievements:

  • A completed migration in 57 hours for Oracle E-Business Suite and 33 hours for custom applications
  • Improved overall performance by 7X
  • Better IT management
  • Enhanced security
  • Automated scaling for workloads during peak and off-peak seasons

As IFFCO aims to shape the future of the Indian agriculture industry, Oracle technology remains at the forefront of its roadmap.

The IFFCO technical case study diagram

University of Melbourne deploys Arm-based containers for fog computing

The University of Melbourne is a public research university located in Melbourne, Australia. Its researchers needed to build its open source framework on a platform that’s multicloud, widely available, and secure. After moving its FogBus2 platform onto OCI, the university’s computer science researchers throughout Australia are able to capture, analyze, and make predictions from Internet of Things (IoT) data.

The researchers use the following OCI services:

By moving its FogBus2 platform to OCI, The University of Melbourne achieved the following results:

  • Increased performance and response times in applications by 20%
  • Increased service startup time by 15% compared to other architectures
  • Improved developer productivity due to data warehouse automation
  • Improved scalability of CPU storage needed for IoT workloads

In the future, the university plans on leveraging OCI to improve the functionality of its FogBus2 platform by integrating container-orchestration techniques to automate management, along with other enhancements.

The University of Melbourne  diagram

OCI and Maplesoft partnership creates digital twin virtual environment for modernized, real-time asset monitoring

Maplesoft is a leading provider of advanced modeling and calculation solutions for engineering, science, and mathematics. One of the company’s primary products is MapleSim, a flexible, multidomain platform that enables designers to create a virtual prototype. Looking to improve scalability and performance, Maplesoft saw an opportunity to work with OCI as a cloud partner to add capabilities to the simulations when applied to a fleet. By partnering with OCI, Maplesoft can extend the use of its MapleSim machine-level digital models to create digital twins that can scale up to represent a fleet of assets.

Maplesoft used the following suite of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products:

By partnering with Oracle, Maplesoft saw the following benefits:

  • Ability to build a physics-based simulation of complex assets using MapleSim and to use that model during asset monitoring
  • Ability to detect anomalies in real time (less than 0.2 seconds), allowing corrective action to be quickly determined with MapleSim
  • Fast restoration of optimal business performance with OCI Anomaly Detection
  • Improved scalability and latency for digital twin deployment

By partnering with OCI, Maplesoft is helping its customers better predict potential disruptions and optimize operational costs.

Maplesoft diagram

Thai conglomerate Forth Smart uses OCI, Autonomous Database, and Oracle Analytics to increase ad conversion rates by 3X

Forth Smart is a Thai service provider specializing in a wide range of financial payment services. Needing to automate manual processes, Forth Smart was looking for a cloud provider that offered IaaS, analytics, and machine learning. After evaluating other providers, the company chose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, running on OCI without a database administrator. By partnering with OCI, Forth Smart was able to retrieve data in real time, reduce manual database administration, and easily create reports and data visualizations. Forth Smart leveraged the following services:

With its migration to OCI, Forth Smart achieved the following results:

  • Reduced the average query time from 3 hours to 2 minutes
  • Improved its customer advertisement conversion rates by 3X
  • Reduced its IT and database administration costs
  • Gained access to real-time analytics for its more than 120,000 kiosk network

In the future, Forth Smart plans on leveraging Oracle’s more than 40 global cloud regions to move existing workloads from Ashburn to Singapore.

Forth Smart diagram

Takamol Holding adopts OCI and Oracle Kubernetes to boost innovation in Saudi Arabia, delivering high performance egovernment services with dynamic scalability

Takamol Holding is a Saudi Arabia-based government company that aims to serve various labor markets. Having previously used the cloud to manage and deliver workloads, the company needed to quickly find a managed provider that uses Kubernetes, while avoiding vendor lock-in. By leveraging OCI’s many managed services and features, Takamol Holding built out four core applications that streamlined the deployment of its egovernment services.

The company uses the following OCI features and services:

By leveraging these services, Takamol achieved the following results:

  • Improved the availability of services, reduced operations, and ensured fast disaster recovery
  • Accelerated time to deploy IT infrastructure through the infrastructure-as-code (IaC) model
  • Reduced the time it took to launch an egovernment service from a day to less than an hour
  • Saved hours of maintenance work

In addition, Takamol has been able to meet the data residency and security requirements of the Saudi Arabian government.

Takamol Holding diagram

APL Logistics modernizes with OCI, cutting costs and improving time to market

APL Logistics Ltd. (APLL) is a Japan-based freight forwarding and transportation company. To ensure business continuity in tandem with accelerating digitization, APLL turned to Oracle to help reinvent the user experience of a legacy online quotation application. The company was looking to automate processes, add self-service capabilities for customers and administrators, and improve overall cost effectiveness.

APLL runs its application on OCI with the following services:

Using OCI, APLL realized the following benefits:

  • Significantly decreased time to market for its self-service quoting application
  • Went from project to launch within three months
  • Enabled the application team and engineers to focus more on business logic and innovation
  • Secured proprietary information and boosted digital transformation efforts

In the future, APLL plans to migrate additional workloads, such as its chatbot service for shipments, payment enquiries, and incident reporting, to OCI.

APL Logistics diagram

Now Optics taps Oracle’s artificial intelligence services for insights that improve customer experience

Now Optics is a leading eyeglass retailer that markets in more than 20 states. With business growing, the company had accumulated a large volume of data, but had no tangible way to use that data to optimize the business and expand into new offerings. Now Optics turned to OCI to improve their customer engagement and experience. Now the company can identify the top issues that their customers feel strongly about and use that data for actionable insights.

Now Optics used the following OCI services:

Thanks to OCI, Now Optics has achieved the following results:

  • Automated the processing of customer feedback
  • Improved business efficiency and reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Converted unstructured textual context to structured context

Now Optics plans to further use OCI to flag various eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, and cancer by only using pictures of the retina and eye.

Now Optics diagram

SailGP processes 240K data points per second on OCI

SailGP is an international sailing league in which teams compete by sailing high-performance F50 catamarans around the world. With cloud technology in mind, SailGP wanted a provider that could help them better process data in real time to create better analytics and competitive advantages. SailGP’s main goal was to optimize both performance and fan experience. To achieve these goals, SailGP leveraged Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming and Oracle Stream Analytics to process, analyze, and stream data during each race using sophisticated correlation patterns, data enrichment, and machine learning. SailGP enhanced their analytics with the following OCI services:

Using OCI, SailGP can now:

  • Analyze more than 240,000 data points collected from 800 sensors in seconds
  • Transfer data from boats to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse at an average batch size of 20,000 messages, sent every 500 milliseconds
  • Enhance the SailGP app by providing racing metrics in real time to crews and fans worldwide
  • Detect anomalies and proactively manage the boat’s moving parts

In the future, SailGP plans to use OCI services such as AI and Oracle APEX to further enhance their customer experience and analytics capabilities.

SailGP  diagram

CMRI uses Oracle AI to help cure children’s cancer, improves efficiency by 50%

Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is a premier Australian medical research institute and charity. With researchers collaborating across locations, CMRI knew it was time to change the way it historically managed data pipelines. The institute wanted to optimize its processes to improve performance, facilitate seamless collaboration, and get the most out of its data.

CMRI chose OCI Data Science for its machine learning capabilities as well as the following services:

By adopting OCI with Oracle AI, CMRI was able to:

  • Reduce numerical simulation time from 30 days to 5 days
  • Become 50% more efficient with resources
  • Save approximately 30% in costs
  • Encrypt all data and address key storage workload requirements

Due to its success with OCI, CRMI intends to use OCI Vision and OCI Data Labeling to automate workflows around bounding cells.

The CMRI diagram

Cloud native and DevSecOps at scale with Capgemini and Oracle Cloud

Capgemini has been an Oracle Platinum Partner for over two decades, helping customers with projects such as critical migrations and implementations. When a customer approached Capgemini with aging legacy systems, business change requirements, and strict deadlines enforced by a government directive (PSD2), Capgemini turned to Oracle Cloud. Capgemini delivered a rapidly developed, cloud native platform using these products:

Because OCI services can be provisioned so quickly, Capgemini achieved the following results for their customer:

  • Achieved design to launch in 6 months
  • Scaled its testing to 200% of expected maximum user concurrency
  • Measured a response time averaging 77ms
  • Delivered the PSD2 portal and PSD2 APIs on time and launched the debt register API a week ahead of schedule

The platform serves 300,000 API requests per day.

Capgemini diagram

Gadget Software moves cloud native platform to OCI, increasing developer efficiency

Gadget Software offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for manufacturers to provide an optimized self-service support solution. The company's AI transforms instructions into intuitive, easy-to-follow information. With several gaps in their previous environment, Gadget Software needed a cloud provider that offered speed, agility, high availability, and automation of manual processes. As a result, Gadget Software migrated their three core technologies to OCI to reduce costs, free up DevOps resources, and improve scalability.

Gadget Software used the following OCI services:

Gadget Software obtained the following benefits by migrating to OCI:

  • Enabled its development team to focus on high-value activities
  • Automated management scripts for relational databases
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Scaling on demand by expanding its compute as needed

With OCI’s capabilities and engineering guidance, Gadget Software is well-equipped to meet the needs of its customers.

Gadget Software diagram

HNI modernizes its technology stack with OCI and Flexagon

HNI is a leading manufacturer of workplace furnishings. Like other manufacturers, HNI has faced challenges such as increased demand volatility, rising supply chain costs, and customers that expect instant delivery. To better serve their customers and increase efficiency, HNI utilized an array of OCI services and FlexDeploy, a DevOps platform from Flexagon for end-to-end software development and delivery.

HNI leveraged the following OCI and Flexagon services:

By using multiple technologies from Oracle and Flexagon, HNI achieved the following benefits:

  • Achieved a 50% reduction in development costs
  • Improved project delivery time by 50%, improving its time to market
  • Reduced deployment time by 60X
  • Increased developer productivity by 90%
  • Reduced deployment-related errors by 98% and decreased support by 2 hours a night

HNI improved agility and efficiency by using cloud technologies from Oracle and Flexagon.


kompany delivers regulatory solutions 3X faster with OCI’s modern lakehouse

kompany enables their clients to automate and transform anti–money laundering compliance into competitive advantages. Their IT team was looking for an easy-to-use, next-generation data lakehouse to automate process flows for data ingestion from a wide range of sources quickly and efficiently. To achieve their cloud migration goals, kompany implemented a cloud native solution on OCI. Their IT team can now load any type of data from a wide range of sources, store it in their data warehouse or data lake, and leverage easy-to-use automation to transform, visualize, and analyze it using a single source of truth.

kompany leveraged the following services:

With their cloud native solution on OCI, kompany achieved the following results:

  • Reduced costs by 70%
  • Achieved a 2X return on investment in 12 months
  • Delivered new analytics 3X faster
  • Automated their data pipeline without coding

Based on their success running their platform on OCI, kompany plans to triple the number of users by the end of the year and expand usage to seven other departments.

kompany   diagram

MESTEC launches robust multicloud strategy with Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect

MESTEC is the world's first cloud-based SaaS manufacturing solution provider. They offer manufacturing execution system and advanced planning and scheduling software to manufacturers looking to improve efficiencies in critical aspects of the manufacturing lifecycle. The company deployed a multicloud strategy, leveraging solutions from Oracle and Microsoft. They rely on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database connected to an Azure front end through the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure to deliver solutions that boost overall manufacturing processes without customization and typical up-front costs.

The company used the following cloud services from Oracle:

By transitioning to a multicloud strategy, MESTEC has:

  • Reduced labor and infrastructure costs by half compared to its on-premises environment
  • Ran manufacturing workloads up to 600% faster with half as many CPUs
  • Achieved a more secure and 100% compliant environment
  • Implemented a diverse set of manufacturing environments quickly and reliably
  • Committed higher-availability SLAs to its customers

With OCI, MESTEC optimized their manufacturing lifecycle and scaled to new infrastructure resources rapidly.

MESTEC diagram

Mutual Materials uses OCI to meet a 30% increase in demand

Mutual Materials is a manufacturer of building bricks, blocks, pavers, and stone slabs. Now the largest supplier of masonry and hardscape products in the Pacific Northwest, Mutual Materials has facilities in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. As the demand in hardscape sales skyrocketed, the company needed a faster and more reliable way to process orders, increase production, and ship their finished products to customers. To scale their infrastructure to meet increased demand, Mutual Materials partnered with Doyensys to migrate to OCI. This partnership enabled a rapid lift and shift of legacy systems to the cloud and the implementation of a scalable IT solution.

Mutual Materials used the following OCI products:

Mutual Materials achieved the following results with their lift-and-shift migration to OCI:

  • Saw an immediate 15% to 20% boost in application speed
  • Increased year-over-year sales by nearly 20%
  • Experienced zero downtime despite a 30% jump in orders
  • Improved operational efficiencies to help drive up average order sizes

Overall, Mutual Materials saw improved productivity, reduced costs, and unconstrained scalability.

Mutual Materials diagram

Mynet delivers exceptional mobile gaming experience with OCI, cuts costs by 80%

Mynet offers mobile game services by acquiring an existing game title, then redesigning and repackaging it to reach a broader audience. This business model enhances Mynet’s overall profitability and revenue. The company migrated to OCI for superior performance at a lower price and reduced overall costs by about 80%. As part of their multicloud strategy, Mynet also uses services from other cloud providers depending on game characteristics.

The company delivers an exceptional mobile gaming experience using this portfolio of OCI services:

Transitioning most mobile game titles to OCI resulted in:

  • About 80% reduced infrastructure cost
  • Cost savings of over $1M in twelve months
  • 6X improved processing time for a title—from about an hour to just 10 minutes
  • Specific game titles running automatically and at scale without human intervention
  • A unified view of cloud security posture across OCI tenancy

By deploying its mobile gaming experience on OCI, Mynet achieved notable improvements in overall game performance.

MYNET Diagram

retraced deploys sustainability platform on OCI blockchain, improves sales by 400%

retraced is a leading sustainability management platform provider based out of Germany. The company enables their customers to ensure that they’re only using materials that have been manufactured using certifiably sustainable production methods. To build their cloud native platform, retraced wanted a technology environment that offered simplicity in operations, autonomous and managed services, and significant cost savings. After evaluating multiple cloud providers, retraced chose to run their platform on OCI.

retraced leveraged the following OCI services:

By building their cloud native platform on OCI, retraced attained the following results:

  • Achieved 400% growth in sales
  • Increased traffic by 750% in 2021
  • Went from project start to launch in less than 12 months

With the use of blockchain on OCI, retraced has been able to track sustainability information more accurately, which in turn has helped the company build trust with current and future clients.

retraced diagram

UniQreate scales intelligent data extraction product on OCI and saves 20% monthly

UniQreate is a leading data extraction automation company. UniQreate helps customers gain insights from their unstructured data by utilizing AI learning systems, intelligent workflows, and web-enabled interfaces. With their platform, UniQreate helps business users manage their data needs with the most-efficient workflows and the least-intrusive interactions. Needing stronger compute power and more block storage, UniQreate migrated to OCI for higher performance at a lower price, and reduced overall monthly costs by 20%.

UniQreate used a portfolio of these OCI services:

By transitioning to OCI, UniQreate has achieved the following results:

  • 20% monthly savings in infrastructure cost
  • Easily scaled the volume and variety of different use cases with ease
  • Migrated the entire setup to OCI in four days
  • Provided maximum availability and uptime
  • Efficiently maintained separate environments in the same region, helping maintain higher control

By migrating to OCI, UniQreate was able to achieve a cost-efficient, seamless, and robust infrastructure for its massive amounts of data extraction.

UniQreate diagram

ETC achieves 300% performance improvement and increased efficiency after migrating to OCI

ETC is a leading intelligent transportation systems and smart mobility provider in the United States. ETC’s riteSuite provides a full range of tolling and mobility functions, from roadside data collection to back-end processing and payments. For their cloud migration project, the company wanted to reduce time to market, improve infrastructure provisioning, and reduce database maintenance by switching to a model that uses infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

To achieve these goals, the following Oracle products served as the vital backbone for ETC’s solutions:

After completing several major migrations to OCI, ETC has achieved the following:

  • Replaced 90% of legacy infrastructure for ETC’s back-office clients
  • Doubled performance by moving to OCI
  • Reduced the time spent managing infrastructure to next to zero hours
  • Achieved a 300% performance improvement

By moving to OCI, ETC has built a more cost-effective and efficient infrastructure. In the future, the company plans to use OCI’s cloud native technologies to further build out its infrastructure capabilities.

The ETC diagram

Archaeological Park of Pompeii taps OCI to reopen after COVID-19 lockdown

Following the pandemic, historical site Pompeii reopened using the MyPompeii mobile app, a solution built entirely on OCI with cloud native and API-first principles in mind. Pompeii used these OCI services, SDKs, and frameworks:

Pompeii’s cloud native, mobile solution on OCI includes:

  • A real-time heat map that enables information for points of interest, facilities, and social distancing
  • Complete integration with online ticket sales application TicketOne, so visitors can scan a QR code on their tickets and access all the application’s content
  • Visitor feedback through the application, certified through blockchain

The application has been downloaded by 20,000+ visitors in 2021.

Archaeological Park of Pompeii diagram

Oracle Cloud helps accelerate COVID-19 testing in the US

In the early days of the pandemic, Oracle Consulting built a suite of public health management applications to help collect and analyze the data necessary for government health organizations and the medical community to understand the virus and its spread. Counties using the platform include Tarrant County, the third most populous county in the state of Texas. The platform not only helps Tarrant County’s testing facilities operate more effectively, but also provides valuable information to keep communities safe. These are the services used:

The COVID-19 Testing and Data Response Platform was developed to cater to all steps of the testing process:

  • Provide an online form and categorize each respondent’s risk as high, medium, or low
  • Schedule appointments for people most likely to contract the coronavirus
  • Allow patients to check in using a mobile app and QR code
  • Allow patients to check out and provide the necessary data to testing partners
  • Make the results from the testing partners available to patients
  • Build customized dashboards with augmented and predictive analytics, data visualization, and intelligent insights

The platform provides Tarrant County with valuable information to keep its communities safe and COVID-19 cases down.

Tarrant County diagram

AgroScout improves development and DevOps with Oracle Cloud Native Services

AgroScout, a startup in the agritech sector, leveraged Oracle Cloud Native Services to migrate its application to Kubernetes and deliver an automated deployment pipeline. The AgroScout development team can easily manage its application, streamline its CI/CD platform, and achieve better performance on OCI. Facilities operate more effectively, but also provide valuable information to keep communities safe. These are the services used:

Running on OCI, AgroScout’s application achieved the following results:

  • Transition from a static application to a dynamic microservice-based app
  • Cluster deployment time decreased from 23 hours to 2 minutes
  • New version deployment reduced from 24 hours to minutes
  • Enhanced ability to query thousands of images in seconds

AgroScout’s machine learning technology relies on OCI’s GPU instances proving the speed & performance that machine-learning workloads demand.

AgroScout diagram

Integra LifeSciences enhances multicloud capabilities with OCI and achieves 90% time savings

Integra LifeSciences is a leading global provider of regenerative and neurosurgical devices and technologies, serving surgeons and hospitals worldwide. Between their outdated on-premises infrastructure and multiple failed migration attempts that disrupted business operations, Integra LifeSciences needed a more performant cloud provider to host their workloads, so they turned to OCI.

Integra LifeSciences is addressing life-threatening situations with help from these OCI services:

Integra migrated more than 140 systems to OCI and achieved the following results:

  • Migrated Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management, and supply chain analytics and complete systems to OCI
  • Improved report runtime by 87%, reducing it from an hour and 45 minutes to 13 minutes
  • Reduced their general processing window from 8.5 hours to 3.5 hours
  • Can now provision an environment in minutes compared to 10 to 14 days
  • 90% time savings with in-memory database options

With the help of a proof-to-pilot deployment, Integra LifeSciences migrated more than 140 systems to OCI across environments for development, quality assurance, production, disaster recovery, and special projects.

Integra LifeSciences diagram

Waafi Bank launches their digital-only operations on OCI

Waafi Bank is a value-based bank, living up to the spirit of Waafi, which means faithful, trustworthy, and loyal. They were looking for a secure and robust infrastructure to implement their Core Banking System that would give them the flexibility to match resources to unpredictable demands without a huge capital expenditure investment. The infrastructure also had to be secure and compliant with various standards and regulatory requirements. Waafi Bank turned to OCI for the performance and operational efficiencies that they couldn’t achieve with another cloud provider.

Waafi Bank used the following OCI services in their implementation:

By leveraging these services, Waafi Bank is able to:

  • Rapidly deploy resources to meet demands
  • Only pay for what they consume
  • Implement deliverables faster and serve customers better
  • Optimize costs and boost performance
  • Manage day-to-day security and compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently

As an easy-to-operate platform that minimizes downtime, OCI delivered unmatched performance for Oracle workloads with seamless integration across Waafi Bank’s stack.

Waafi Bank diagram

Stellar Cyber’s SaaS offering delivers a leading SecOps platform powered by OCI

Stellar Cyber provides a security operations software platform to help security teams automatically detect, investigate, and respond to cyberattacks. With Stellar Cyber, organizations quickly respond to attacks to help reduce the impact and risk to the business. To provide these services to their customers, Stellar Cyber knew they needed a trusted cloud partner to run their security platform, and their goal for migrating to OCI was to launch a high-performance, low-latency, and cost-effective SaaS offering of their Open XDR security operations platform.

Stellar Cyber used the following OCI services and technologies:

By running their SecOps platform on OCI, Steller Cyber can:

  • Scale up the cluster size without worrying about resource availability and network connectivity
  • Roll out deployments in multiple regions with a uniform management experience
  • Eliminate IT staff, saving them time, money, and resources
  • Reduce their overall total cost of ownership and their customers’ costs
  • Focus more on application logic

The Stellar Cyber platform running on OCI is a big data application using AI and ML to help identify attacks in real time.

Stellar Cyber diagram

CWT Globelink transforms and delivers critical applications with OCI, APEX, and Autonomous Database

Formed in 1988, CWT Globelink is a global freight forwarder with a network of more than 100 offices in 32 countries. To keep up with their evolving products, CWT Globelink adopted a data-driven strategy with cloud technology at the forefront. Part of this strategy meant that CWT Globelink needed to build an effective, streamlined, and automated CRM application. To do so, the company needed a reliable cloud partner that could offer the technology required to build a modernized and customized client relationship management application, so they turned to OCI.

CWT Globelink used the following OCI services:

By building and deploying their CRM application on APEX, CWT Globelink was able to:

  • Improve price-performance, analytics capabilities, security, and operational efficiencies
  • Cut development costs by 14%
  • Reduce the cost of system updates and maintenance without any constraints on memory
  • Automate previously manual processes

CWT Globelink was able to go live in only three months, and their IT team attributes the quick migration and technical implementation to Oracle’s customer service and engineering team.

CWT Globelink diagram

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