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What is Visual Builder?

Visual Builder is a cloud service that enables you to rapidly create and host web and mobile applications with minimal coding required. Users can visually create an application using a collection of built-in user-interface controls, and bind the UI to existing REST services or custom business objects they create from within the tool. Users publish their application with a click of a button to provide access to end-users. In addition role based security can be defined for the application to control access to pages and data.

Do I need to have an Oracle SaaS subscription to use Visual Builder?

No. While out-of-the-box integration with Oracle SaaS is a key value proposition, Visual Builder can be used completely independently from Oracle SaaS to create standalone applications. Visual Builder allows users to define custom business objects for use within applications. Visual Builder can also access data from other external REST services.

As an Oracle SaaS customer, what makes Visual Builder an attractive addition to the portfolio?

Visual Builder empowers business users to enrich the Oracle SaaS experience through a visual development experience. Several features are of particular interest to our SaaS customers. First, the built-in services catalog exposes standard and custom SaaS objects so they are automatically discovered and presented to Visual Builder users to include in their applications. User identities can be passed from Visual Builder applications to SaaS so that the SaaS data is securely accessed only by users with the appropriate permissions. Visual Builder also supports Oracle’s Redwood look and feel so you can create pages that look and behave in the same way as Oracle SaaS pages. And Visual Builder applications can be embedded into Oracle SaaS pages. Finally, Oracle uses Visual Builder to develop new modules in Oracle SaaS, which means that customers can use Visual Builder to configure and personalize pages delivered by Oracle SaaS teams.

How is Visual Builder licensed?

Visual Builder is licensed based on the sizing of the server that is used to deploy and run your applications. Pricing is per OCPU-allowing your server to scale to support larger user base as needed.

Is there a trial?

Yes. Visual Builder is part of the free $300 trial offered for Oracle Cloud Services. Click the Try for Free button at the top of the page to get started.