OCI Cache with Redis Features

Fully managed open source


Provisioning, scaling, and patching of your Redis cluster are managed for you. This frees you up to focus on developing your applications. And you can use the same Redis API you are using today.

Open source

Stay portable and modernize. Know that you are using a fully open source Redis release so you can keep benefitting from the strong community backing and innovation that comes with open source–driven technologies.

Improved application performance

Lightning-fast response times

Get high performance and low latency. Your applications will experience submillisecond, lightning-fast response times when accessing data from Redis.

Flexible memory

Have full flexibility on memory, so you can select the one that best meets the needs of your application, from a small 2 GB cluster on a single node to a large 500 GB cluster with up to five nodes.


Scale on the fly

Scaling is easy. You can add or remove nodes from your cluster as needed to meet the demands of your application.

Go big when your workloads go big

Grow your Redis cluster as your cache grows. Scale up to five nodes and 500 GB per node to meet your most demanding workload. The larger you go, the more bandwidth you get.

Resistant to disasters

Automated high availability

Your data is automatically replicated across multiple nodes for redundancy, and Oracle automatically distributes your cluster nodes across availability domains and fault domains to ensure better resistance to any event.


Automatic failover to a replica keeps your cluster running should your primary be impacted in a multi-node configuration. We automatically promote your replica, and the DNS is pointed to the new primary.